Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Sue and Martin above Zermatt - 2018

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Saturday 3 November 2018 – Marple parkrun


Wythenshawe on Tour

A few weeks ago I’d suggested that we pay a visit to Marple parkrun, and today was the allotted date. Others went on tour to Macclesfield, and Sue went to Wythenshawe to host a visit from the Jones and Pickard families who were on tour to our home run (Wythenshawe).

All a bit complicated, but on another sunny morning we went to Brabyn’s Park at Marple Bridge in expectation of mud. Greg had warned us, and had declined to join us on account of the notorious Marple Mud.


How wrong could you be, Greg? The following picture taken at the finish shows the path as muddy as it got. In fact, the soft layer of leaf litter made the surface very easy and forgiving. The only bit that presented a slight problem was a field near the start, where we had to be careful to avoid the molehills and holes.


Apart from those pictured at the head of this posting, we were honoured to have the support of Nobby, who kindly took the picture, and Annie, who kindly ran around the course with Owen (pictured below).


The results are pretty irrelevant on what was as much a social occasion as a running challenge, but Paul came in before the rest of us in a creditable time of 22.27, finishing 23rd out of 187 participants, whilst Annie and Owen brought up the rear of our team in 34.49. Full results are here.

Libby’s café was full. Luckily it was warm enough to sit outside. Owen was ‘the lucky boy’ as two different people both bought him a hot chocolate. It was a lovely spot to linger, beside the bright autumn colours of the Goyt Valley.


I had to leave early to return to Timperley for my ‘flu jab, only to discover that they had run out of vaccine. Ah well, I tried!

Here’s the Really Nice Route taken by this parkrun. It’s over two laps, so can you spot which of the four arrows marks each of the four kilometre points?


Finally I should thank the friendly Run Director and the marshals, all of whom were most welcoming. Thank you.

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