Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Thursday, 29 May 2008

TGO Challenge 2008 - Index

Martin and Sue's planned route and kit list - web page
Blog Pages: These are as written at the time, with any added text italicised and with added images.
Journey 1 - Blue Skies
Journey 2 - Coast to Coast in 7 Hours
Day 1 Plan
Day 1 Report - Life after Denis
Day 2 Plan
Day 2 Report - A 12.5km Ridge
Day 3 Plan
Day 3 Report - The Wrong Side of the Road
Day 4 Plan
Day 4 Report - A Day of Contrasts
Day 5 Plan
Day 5 Report - New Friends
Day 6 Plan
Day 6 Report - Wonderful Vistas
Day 7 Plan
Day 7 Report - The Long Road East
Day 8 Plan
Day 8 Report - A Sociable Outing
Day 9 Plan
Day 9 Report - Heathery Munros
Day 10 Plan
Day 10 Report - To The Fleshpots
Day 11 Plan
Day 11 Report - A Still Day on Lochnagar
Day 12 Plan
Day 12 Report - The Short Road East
Day 13 Plan
Day 13 Report - Nice To Be Up High
Day 14 Plan
Day 14 Report - The Last Lap
The TGO Challenge official website (the old one)
TGO's new space for TGOC messages (but the old one seems to be used more)
Alan Sloman's blog: Week 1 Week 2
Ian Cotterill's Superb Slide Show

1 comment:

Alan Sloman said...

What a brilliant blog of the trip!

A superb walk and wonderfully written and photographed too. For anyone considering doing the Challenge this is a wonderful place to find out about it!

Well done Martin, Well done Sue!