Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Thursday 19 March 2009

Thursday 19 March 2009 - A Favourite Mountain - Beinn Alligin

Today dawned dry, sunny and still. And it stayed that way.

Julie and Di set off for a slow motion showdown with the 'Ling Hut Corbetts'. They were bemused by the hubbub they perceived on their first summit, only to discover that it was emanating from a large group of youths enjoying a snowball fight on the nearby Munro, Beinn Liath Mhòr!

Dave S chose a Munro direct from the cottage - Maol Chean-dearg - a nice hill, I was tempted.

But the view from our living room window drew Dave O and me to that Favourite Mountain.

Beinn Alligin.

My Munro bagging records show this as my 7th ascent of Alligin, but they are not complete so it could be more. Today's route in fine, warm, snow free conditions took us anti-clockwise over the Horns of Alligin for lunch below the northern summit after nearly three hours of walking.

Dave ascends Coire Mhic Nobuil through the pine forest

View from the northern summit (Sgurr Mòr) towards the Horns, Beinn Dearg and Beinn Eighe

On the summit

View to Upper Loch Torridon, with Beinn Damh

We saw lots (4) of people - Blue Renault Van Man at the car park, and Black Taped Trouser Man ascending slowly - both men of very few words. Plus a couple of cheery chaps, effusive about the weather - who wouldn't be - who ambled past from the other direction whilst we lunched.

Today featured the heron and a shag by the beach, great tits in the ancient pine forest through which the dappled light played on the leafy path. Mating frogs were not distracted by our passage (we've seen quite a bit of spawn this week), but a sunbathing lizard was wary of our presence.

Dave's phone blared across the hillside - Pat's secateurs had gone missing. Panic ensued as Dave frantically tried to maintain marital harmony.

T-shirts and shorts would have been suitable for today; Dave did try his best by rolling his trousers up - his best Bash Street Kid impression.

There were fabulous all round views of the Torridon peaks and Hebridean islands, but all too soon, after a gentle 900 metre descent, and nearly 7 hours in the sun, we were back at base and ready to adjourn to the remains of our beer, wine, backyard and coke, etc.

There was a lovely sunset, viewed below from outside Annat Lodge.

The resident cook has a day off so tonight's meal may be 'interesting'. [It was excellent - well done Dave S, Julie and Di.]

Here's today's route - 11km, 1226 metres ascent, taking 6 hours 45 minutes, including about 1 hour 30 minutes of breaks. Naismith would have taken 4 hours.

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