Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 18 March 2011

Sunday 6 March 2011 – The Angel of the North, and a Visit to Durham

The Angel of the North

Wolfie’s visit (we took him to Durham for a weekend Aikido event) enabled us to visit the Far North, where we caught up with a few folk and enjoyed Julie’s excellent hospitality.

On the way home we couldn’t resist stopping to admire The Angel, who from most angles seems to be leaning backwards.

Sue and the Angel's foot

She has a ‘club foot’.  (The Angel, that is, not Sue!)

We strolled around Durham and admired the Cathedral.

Durham Cathedral

Cloisters at Durham Cathedral

This is the land of the Pie Men, where some say the glaciers have been slow to recede this year.

But these spring flowers looked cheerful enough.

Spring in the land of the Pie Men

There are a few more (rather ordinary) photos from this trip here.

I’ll try to catch up with entries soon, but in the meantime:

1.  Hello Dot, I hope you’ll soon be able to get to your computer to read these entries after your ‘Half a Hip Replacement’.  We were impressed that you managed to escape from hospital after only a week.  Please take care not to break the other femur!

2.  Next Wednesday’s evening walk has been re-scheduled to 31 March – here are the details:
”Parkgate and Neston - meet at 7.30 pm at The Boathouse in Parkgate for a 8 km stroll featuring a disused railway line, Neston quay and Parkgate promenade. Go to Jnc 4 on the M53 > 2nd exit (from the south) > A5137 > go under the railway > join A551 then immediately turn left at a roundabout > after a short distance turn right down the B5135 to reach Parkgate.”
All are welcome.

3.  We enjoyed an excellent day out last Saturday at the TGO Challenge ‘Snake Reunion’.  I’ll report  with photos next week.

4.  Mick and Gayle gave an entertaining and informative ‘Dover to Cape Wrath’ slide show to the Stockport Walking Group last night.  It was good to see them both, and we wish them well for their next trip, which starts on Saturday.  (Mainly) Gayle’s daily reports aren’t to be missed.

I’ll also report on this coming weekend – to be spent in Eskdale – preparation for which is partly responsible for the backlog in postings, as we are catering for nearly 40 people for the weekend and we don’t want them to go hungry!

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