Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday 31 July 2015

Friday 31 July 2015 - Pyrenees GR11 - Day 47 - Cap de Creus (wild camp) to Argeles sur Mer (David and Jan's wonderful gite)


Distance: 8 km walk to Cadaqués

Ascent: 200 metres

Weather: lovely sunrise over the Med, then it took a while for the sun to burn off the high cloud, leaving a hot, sunny day until clouds and a later storm arrived.

I eventually realised that yesterday's 'fish of the day' was meant to be for two people. I'd wondered about the extra plate! Anyway, whilst I'd have been delighted to share the moment with someone I was happy to eat all the fish myself.

Nobody came to fine me €300, but a group of people were having a late night bathing session nearby and for various reasons I didn't enjoy the best night's sleep ever. Eventually at 5.45 the need for a toilet break won over, and after that I felt I may as well get going.

That enabled me to admire a wonderful Mediterranean sunrise, at 6.39, before stopping in a rocky clearing for a breakfast that used up my last tea bag and powdered milk, and some Roquefort cheese from yesterday that then repeated on me for the rest of the morning.

By nine o'clock I was passing Salvador Dali's museum outside Cadaqués and soon after that I was in the town itself, a pleasant place that reminded me of St Ives.

The ten o'clock bus to Figueras was easily located and I enjoyed a relaxing hour on the bus. I'd planned to spend a couple of hours in the town, but when I went to get a train ticket I was told "five minutes". So I missed out on the delights of Figueras, which would probably have comprised wandering between coffee shops with The Brick, which I'll be pleased not to have to carry in anger again.

The change of trains at Cerbere was a bit confusing, as I was ushered onto a train labelled for Port Bou but actually going to Avignon. Anyway, it delivered me to Argeles sur Mer by soon after 1 pm, where David kindly collected me for the final phase of today's journey. It was great to see him and Jan again and to be able to have my first significant conversations in English since being with Tobi.

We've had a most enjoyable afternoon and evening.

Note: David and his friend John were the first people Sue and I met on our GR10 walk in 2013, and we became firm friends and have enjoyed a family holiday at the gite that David and Jan live in at Argeles. A great welcome back to the real world.

Today's pictures:
An early morning view from camp. Humphrey will recognise this as he camped in exactly the same place in 1999
Sunrise over the Mediterranean 

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Alan Sloman said...

Here's an interesting fact, Dud.
Your cumulative height climb (45,000m) if done all at once, would mean you had climbed through the Troposhere and three quarters of the way through the Stratosphere.
Not surprised you get nosebleeds Sir. Lord Elpus gets them climbing the stairs...

Phreerunner said...

It's really quite surprising that the only nosebleed of any consequence was when sitting with a long drink outside Hotel Tèrminus in Puigcerdà after walking for three days with no food. My body must have been desperate for a break!