Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 25 July 2021

May 1972 - A Trip to Mull

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I've been scanning slides of a 1980 visit to the island of Mull, but before posting that entry I noticed these pictures from a visit in May 1972. This was probably my second visit to the island, the first being a year earlier during the solo trip described here.

Anyway, I think I'd spotted a place to camp near Tobermory the previous year when I'd stayed in the Youth Hostel. This time I was with John Clark and Roger Freeman, travelling in my green Mini, BVN 406B, that would be my principal means of transport for the next five years or so.

Our campsite was next to the path leading from Tobermory to the lighthouse at Rubha nan Gall, in the vicinity of Rubha na Leip, around NM 511 557, just above the high tide mark. It's pictured above; high tide reached to within inches of the tents..

It seems that we encountered this waterfall en route to Tobermory.

Our accommodation appears to have been a Blacks Good Companion tent with a giant flysheet, and by this time I had purchased my first Vango tent, one of the early Mk4 versions.

It really is (was) a fine place to camp, just a few minutes walk from the fleshpots of Tobermory. Roger climbed a tree for a better view. He encompassed the Spirit of Adventure in those days.

Without the benefit of a diary, I can't remember what we did. We may have gone up Ben More, but I doubt it. We certainly did drive around to Lochbuie, where the next picture was taken.

Camp was set up near Bunessan, just above a wonderful sandy beach.

Rather than go for a walk, my companions preferred to exercise their vast engineering skills by creating complex waterways on the beach.

Our campsite can just be made out in the centre of the next picture.

Bunessan is close to Iona, and the last day of our trip was spent on a visit to that island, the prospect of which appears to have Roger jumping for joy!

I think the next (last) four pictures in this sequence were taken on Iona, where we spent a whole day before returning home.

Next up - the 1980 trip to Mull that marked the start of our 'diary' records. We also visited the island in 1979 (and maybe other years in the 1970s) but I haven't got to those pictures yet.

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