Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Christmas in Timperley

Well, after last year's debacle due to Covid, the family has dodged the Omicron variant (for now) and returned to a traditional Christmas. Nine of us enjoyed a baked potato lunch on Christmas Eve - pictured above. A lovely occasion.

Christmas Day started with a visit to Wythenshawe parkrun, for Sue to join 231 others and complete her 200th parkrun. Christmas garb came with many participants, but my 'tree' remained in the cupboard this year, whilst my fingers froze as I operated the 'back-up timer' tablet in my capacity this time as a volunteer. It's really important for such events to go ahead, and volunteers are always needed. For some people, this friendly event will have been their only social contact on Christmas Day. They should have gone home feeling good.

Sue, Jeanette, Charley, Edyta and Paul before the start

Assembling at the start

Run Director Alan, and an 'Official Photographer' before the start

I took no further pictures (the next two images are from Bruce), my duties with the tablet and the banter with other volunteers saw to that. Here I am, trying to master the back-up tablet.

Meanwhile, Sue finished in 26:07, a good time, and set about distributing Sue Strickland's chocolates, mistaking them for her own. 

The other Sue was on her 250th parkrun. Due to Covid, cake isn't being handed out by people doing 'landmark runs', but wrapped sweets seem to be acceptable. Sue's will come out next time.

Full results are here. Bruce's wonderful pictures are here. It was great to see so many friends in the park.

With the courtyard tea room closed for Christmas, we enjoyed a flask of coffee at the run, then returned home for more coffee and a slice of Selwa's wonderful rainbow birthday cake.

Then Kate, Jacob, Jessica and Nell turned up for a traditional Christmas dinner. A good time was had by all, but this selfie taken by Kate at the end of the starter course is the only photographic record. Several hours later, they all left with goodie bags!

Today, Boxing Day, Sue and I enjoyed a lie in, some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, then a 10km stroll in the Bollin Valley area. I wrote a bit about the route here. It was designed for a fundraising effort by Bollin Junior School, from where the walk starts and finishes.

Here are a few pictures from the two hour walk, which was in dull weather, but the fresh air was welcome.

The path has become very muddy since my last visit

Tree Creeper by 'Into the Wild'

We arrived at the 'Into the Wild' cafe just as a large group was placing a 'shipping order' and some drizzle started, so we eschewed the drink, walked the 2km back to the start, and were soon enjoying coffee and the rest of the rainbow cake at home.

Striding out in the drizzle, which was thankfully very brief

The author sighs - a sigh of deep satisfaction...

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