Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Monday 25 September 2023

25 September 2023 - A Postcard, from Timperley

There's something going on with the old railway line that went through Timperley - the Warrington and Altrincham Junction Railway. We used to be able to climb up the bank and walk along the old track towards Lymm, but in recent years the path has been blocked where it crosses above the A56 road. The steps shown above are removable - only there for the purpose of the CML works, whatever they are. They are next to the bridge pictured below, where further progress in the Stockport direction has been blocked as it is close to the working railway lines to Manchester and Stockport.

On Thursday I enjoyed a 26km bike ride on what I describe as the 'Ship Canal Lolipop Route'. It follows the canal to the Throstles Nest Bridge, then joins the Ship Canal, crossing that at the BBC, then heading through Eccles to the Barton swing bridge and return home via the canal, past the Trafford Centre.

Here's the Ship Canal, and (below) Gnome Island

Looking ahead along my route from beside the new Metrolink line to the Trafford Centre

Crossing the Ship Canal at the BBC bridge

Beside the canal on the way back past the Trafford Centre

The 26km route - with very little ascent, that takes about an hour and a half from Timperley Bridge

Saturday morning, and the Winston Runners lined up at Wythenshawe parkrun.

Then everyone wandered along to the starting field, where Dan, run director for the day, managed without a loudspeaker. Luckily, Rufus wasn't there to bark the house down.

The route beside the football pitches was fine apart from a dusting of dew. Above, I'm looking ahead, and below, I'm looking behind me, where there don't seem to be that many people.

I wasn't actually that near the back - position 178 out of 317 finishers. 31:13. Sue was much quicker and dashed off to do some bellringing before I finished. Full results are here.

Luckily, Jan and Andy did wait for me, and we enjoyed coffees in the tea room.

Meanwhile, Winston Runners were continuing to enjoy their day out.

It's Jessica's tenth birthday this week. Happy birthday, Jess. A visit to Air Unlimited in Burnley on Saturday afternoon found me following the quartet of girls in Kate's car, with Jacob and his friend Ben, who also enjoyed an hour at Air Unlimited, which seems to be a massive bouncy castle type of experience. Anyway they all enjoyed it. Kate and I observed from a distant balcony.

Then we went back to Kate's house in Bacup, where they all enjoyed a piece of birthday cake - on this occasion a selection of doughnuts. Oscar sadly missed this excitement by a couple of days - he would have loved the doughnuts!

There was some hilarity when the 'One' candle couldn't be found, so Jess had to make do with being '0' rather than '10'. Attempts were made to rectify the problem, and fortunately Phoebe's finger was not set on fire!

Everyone seemed happy enough, anyway.

Sunday morning found both Sue and me at Wythenshawe Community Run. We had hoped to be joined by Isabella, but she couldn't make it to swell the ranks of the small children who are attempting the 2km course (50 or so of those, and some 'Couch to 5k' enthusiasts). There were just 30 of us running the 5k route.

Colm was in charge of the start today.

Sue entered into a race with a little girl, as we ran for a lap around the running track before heading into the park.

There was a rare picture of me, taken by Sandra, as I plodded around at the back of the field.

Today, Monday morning, a walk around Timperley saw me watching our local heron. As he stooped towards the canal, I thought he was escaping from the close-by human (me). No, he dipped his beak into the water and came up with a six inch fish. It was swallowed before I could snap the shutter. This is where he or she can be found most mornings enjoying their breakfast.

Here's this morning's view towards Altrincham from Timperley Bridge.

We feared that when Park Road Medical's GP practice relocated to a new building in Timperley Village, the old building might be razed to the ground. Fortunately we were wrong - it seems to have been converted into luxury apartments.


AlanR said...

Wow you certainly got through a lot there Martin.
I found this about your Timperley line works. I don’t know if it relevant.
Ambitious plans are being unveiled to create a heritage railway along the disused rail route between Irlam in Salford and Timperley in Trafford.
There will be a footpath and cycleway running parallel to historic steam and diesel trains.
The £25 million - £30 million project would involve relaying the track and rebuilding stations and reinstating the Cadishead Viaduct along the six mile route... (continues, see link)

bowlandclimber said...

The Manchester skyline is very impressive on blue sky days.

Sir Hugh said...

That photo of the canal could hardly contrast more the reference to the Trafford Centre that you attached. My late climbing partner Tony was very much his own man and given to strong opinions. In Preston one day, trying to buy a pair of shoes the multiple shop didn't have his size.

The assistant, "I think you may find they would have your size in our branch at the Trafford Centre."

Tony, "I'd rather go to the top of this building and jump off."

Phreerunner said...

Alan, there has been talk of that heritage railway. It would seem a bit unlikely when there doesn't even appear to be funding to finish the Bridgewater Way project. Cycling on the towpath isn't permitted beyond Altrincham at present.
Conrad - the Trafford Centre is a 'marmite' sort of place, next to a lovely section of canal. Years ago, I spent time at the Trafford Centre dropping off and picking up my children, whose first jobs were on the Nestle kiosks in the Trafford Centre. It was good that they could start their working lives in a safe and supportive environment. Kate even became a manager, despite being a teenager student.