Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Monday 6 November 2023

A Weekend in Timperley (featuring Wythenshawe parkrun #546)

After the run, with Laura in her wellies, a good choice of footwear. She and I were volunteering

It was muddy for today's local parkrun. I volunteered, helping the 'Chuckle Brothers' at Middle Bridge. After the usual chuckles, Nick Hamlin appeared, well ahead of anyone else.

Stalwart Run Director, Andy H, was on his own in 5th spot.

Jan flew past in 8th position

Mark was ahead of Andy and Sue on the first lap.

Paul and Rufus were laggards on this occasion

Back to the other side of Middle Bridge, and Mark was still ahead of Sue

Further behind, Rufus was still dragging Paul along

The Tail Walkers paused, half way round their first lap, to cheer Nick on as he lapped them.

Jeanette isn't supposed to run, but her action on this occasion is unmistakable. At 31:39, she came in position 125 out of the 219 participants. Well done Jeanette!

Second lap, and Andy is flying

Sue has passed Mark and caught Andy W

Is this 'cruelty to Rufus'?

My penultimate parkrun picture shows Jeanette, steaming past on her second lap.

Full results are here - Sue was 59th, Andy W 60th, Mark 61st, and Paul with Rufus 69th.

Later, my own exercise was taken during a lull in the rainy weather, beside the Bridgewater Canal, where lots of rowers were on the water.

There followed a family meal and a game of Rummikub.

Sunday morning, and the 5km Community Run at Wythenshawe Park saw 36 2km runners and 55 5km runners enjoying good conditions for running. Below, the good turnout is being briefed before zooming off around the running track.

No more photos as I put in a strong effort to finish in 30 minutes, my quickest for a while.

A bit of cooking followed, then we enjoyed some excellent company for dinner - Ernst and Bianca, Jeanette and Paul, and Andy, all of whom arrived with generous offerings. After a main course of lamb shanks, we are shown below enjoying panettone (thanks, Andy) with Marsala wine and a 'bucket' of Sue's lemon mousse. What a lovely evening...


Sir Hugh said...

Good to see that doggies are allowed on the park runs.

Phreerunner said...

Dogs are allowed on the course at Wythenshawe, as it's a wide one, but sadly they aren't allowed in the tea room - an ongoing point of contention!
Narrow parkruns don't allow dogs, but the nearby cafes do generally permit them.
It seems difficult to get the best of both worlds!

AlanR said...

Have you stopped running Martin?

Phreerunner said...

No, I was volunteering on Saturday and running on Sunday. We are running at Dolgellau next Saturday...

AlanR said...

You are a machine Martin. I have been running too but only trying to do 5km 3 times a week.

Phreerunner said...

Not really. I just try to walk (mainly) or jog 6 days a week. Takes around 35 to 50 minutes - much slower than in the past. I certainly don't feel like a machine!

AlanR said...

You do fantastic. We have to keep it up don’t we otherwise we go down hill faster. Enjoy Wales.