Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Shopping in the Alps

Here we are, topping up our supplies in Pleyne on 15 July. This was a particularly well stocked alimentari (shop), once we had gained access. Husband (next to Sue) had clearly retired - or gone senile - leaving his wife to run the business. She also ran their farming business and had to be recovered from where she was gathering hay in a nearby field, in order to serve us. We were lucky to find packet soup here; previously stock cubes with various additional items had been used as our 'starter' on wild camps.

Tea bags, chocolate, soup, risotto, tinned fish, a jar of mushrooms, and a big box of croissants are lined up on the counter for our enjoyment later. Not quite the lightweight revolution, but easy enough to carry, and delightful to eat - together with other supplies already in our packs - this was just a top-up.

We met lots of lovely, helpful people in these little, out-of-the-way, shops - they were a pleasure to visit despite the general lack of lightweight food.

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Gayle E Bird said...

Did you also find that you could dither at extreme length deciding what it was that you wanted to eat for the next few days?

I found on our trip that I could dither for Britain - even in the smallest shops (in fact, maybe the most in the smallest of shops, where it seemed like none of the ingredients available could be mixed together to make a lunch).

Phreerunner said...

We would have liked to dither over a selection of foods, but there was generally not really enough choice to warrant that. A lot of it was hidden behind the counter - the locals of course would know exactly what was there, but we would sometimes have to peer into nooks and crannies to discover our 'Hobson's choice'. But it was all very jolly and good fun, and we always seemed to eat well.
I had an excellent chef, of course!