Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday 1 June 2009 - Summer!

• Solihull - 8.18 to Brum - a quiet commuter train. I'm the only lucky person not going to work. Disappointed not to encounter any former colleagues going to work. They were probably already behind their desks.

• Great Western loco 2885 at Moor Street - still on the rails after 70 years, but a lonely sight.

• The phone bleeps - have I left anything else behind? (The water filter is on the kitchen table in Timperley.) No, it's Gayle and Mick - hoping to join me on Friday. Great.

• Cloudless over New Street as we set off towards Glasgow. A fabulous day.

• Field after field of buttercups and verdant crops.

• Change from a now crowded train at Lancaster, to the Windermere line.

• We pass Arnside, after gaining the distinctive views towards the Langdale peaks. Then we skirt around Kendal, with the eastern summits of the Lakes on view. But I'm not going there. For a change, today's route heads to the start of the Dales Way and follows that east to Staveley.

• But first, provisioning and lunch in the handily placed Booths shop, before briefly enjoying the shores of Windermere.

• A delightful walk to Waypoint 8 - Potter Tarn - where the Phreerunner goes up - porch in the shade - and tomato soup is soon in the mug. After all, it's over an hour since I left Wilf's Cafe in Staveley.

• Basically it was the Dales Way today to Staveley before dodging up here, but I missed the start and went up Post Knott by mistake (nice views) - and the little tarn pictured above is also off route. It has got up to 32C - a bit sweaty - people, sheep and cattle all sheltering under trees - lucky retired folk taking advantage of the nice weather - tree surgeons and window cleaners sweating under the sun - everyone seems in a good mood - bistort and buttercups jockey for position with herb robert, tormentil, herb bennet and many more meadow flowers.

• Here at camp, sheep and cows in nearby enclosures are making themselves known - a couple of joggers have trotted past - it's a splendid place to exercise after a deskbound day in Kendal - oyster catchers blurt out their warnings as they pass overhead - and the smoked salmon parcels - are delicious.

• I'll get my spork!

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Alan Sloman said...

Good Man! The only other live blog out there is Geoff's LEJOG.
Good reading Martin! I shall raise a glass to you Sir! (Tallisker - jolly nice it is too!)