Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday 3 June 2009 - A Visit From The Pie Man

I'm here in the Racehorses Hotel in Kettlewell, waiting for food (lamb shank - very nice), enjoying a pint of Timothy Taylors, and considering my options. It seems there is no campsite here, so I may have to carry on a little.

Today started past deer and crowing cocks, by hedgerows laden with ramsons, and air full of early morning bird song. As Whernside was steadily mounted on the well graded path, plovers, skylarks and other mountain birds dominated the air.

I saw nobody until an American jogger appeared as I descended Whernside. It was cooler, and the crane-flies I encountered in droves yesterday were absent.

I waited for a train (photo to follow) at Ribblehead before a short road section where Mike Knipe and Bruno, his faithful 'Superdawg', tracked me down and provided excellent company for a few hours before having to turn to circle over a Marilyn and back to their car in order to avoid dropping off their map.

Mike is a 9 times TGO Challenger and an irreverent blogger ('Northern Pies'), who is also reaping the benefits of early retirement. Thanks again for making the effort, Mike.

We'd been talking about butterwort coming into flower. Immediately Mike and Bruno left me, what did I see in proliferation? Also a number of 'alpines' in the limestone pavements that now dominated the landscape.

The stroll beside the River Wharfe to Kettlewell was delightful, as always, with the sun now bright and warm after its slow start. A lovely afternoon.


Gayle said...

I thought that you'd forgotten to blog today, but then I find that Reader just hasn't picked them up - what would I do without my 'walking by proxy' fix?

I see that you're on schedule (crazy schedule!) so far and if you remain that way it looks like the plan that I came up with last night will work.

Look forward to seeing you Friday - I'll be in touch tomorrow evening.

Louise said...

This is all looking and reading beautifully. Another virtual stroll to thoroughly enjoy. Did you win awards at school for your descriptive writing? You should have done!

mike knipe said...

It was saxifrage in Cosh Knott - loads of the stuff. I could hardly fit it all into the rucksack. I'll never get that B&Q order filled...

Phreerunner said...

I'm back home now.
Just off to B&Q!