Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Jacob – 9 Months, and reports of a New Arrival

Jake - 9 months

The old Vaude papoose has been lent to a friend, and last Saturday Jake graduated to a new transportation system, in which he sits in a backpack, facing forwards.  We’ve known children object to this, but he was inserted without complaint, looked around for a while, then went to sleep, like his mum (Kate) used to do in a more rudimentary version of this kit.

He’s just been woken in order to be transferred to a car seat, and Sue managed to capture this ‘not too grumpy’ image.

Meanwhile, on 1 February (yesterday) Kate’s cousin Ellie managed to ‘cough up’ her own little boy after a couple of hours hard work in her living room, making me a Great Uncle (for the second time, actually).  Congratulations, Ellie.


Sir Hugh said...

I thought I had put a comment here last night, but it doesn't seem to have landed, so here goes again


I have a Deuter Kid Comfort 3 waiting for granddaughter Katie to grow enough to be accommodated. I hope the forthcoming knee operation will allow me to get some use out of it.

I was envious of your trip from Long Preston - quite near to home for me and an area that I roamed all over in my teenage years - I do like the limestone country.

Mark Alvarez said...

Jake's looking great...and congratulations, Great Unc!