Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 16 August 2013

Thursday 15 August 2013 - Pyrenees GR10 - Day 62 - Stage 1 - Back to Timperley

For the sake of completeness. ..

With flights from Perpignan being the subject of extortionate costs, I'd looked at train possibilities back at the end of May when I made the booking. 

It all went very smoothly, on another lovely sunny day.

A lift from David to Argeles station after waving goodbye to his lovely house, Maison de Foret (pictured above)
Argelès to Perpignan - €6.60 (20 mins)
Perpignan to Paris (TGV) then Paris to St Pancras (Eurostar) - all on one ticket - €94 (9 hours)
(Canigou soon faded into the distance, but we'll be back)
Euston to Stockport - Virgin Pendolino - £27.50 (1st Class - including food and drinks)(2 hours)
Stockport to Timperley - Nallo Lady taxi service. Priceless. 

A pretty quick and efficient journey, with good company from Paris to London in the form of Reuters man Harry, and a chance encounter at Euston with Phil and Carol, former work colleagues who were in good form (perhaps because Carol retired last year and Phil is doing just that in a couple of weeks' time).

It's a small world! 

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John J said...

Ah, welcome back to a (not very) sunny Timperley!


Alan R said...

Nice way to return. Better than flying I suggest.
Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Good evening :) one for your *random but nice* there a way I can follow your blog via email? I am on WordPress and prefer to read posts from non-WP bloggers in my inbox. I guess that makes me kinda lazy but hey, works for me ;)
61 days in the Pyrenees by the way: awesome!
Greetings from North Wales,
Babs B

Phreerunner said...

Thanks, JJ and Alan.
Babs, Good evening from Timperley. I have returned from the Pyrenees to find Google Reader discontinued and I'm afraid I have no idea as to how to direct postings to readers' inboxes, and it's back to the drawing board to find the best way of viewing other people's blog postings. Currently I'm just going down the lists of links to Outdoor Bloggers on my own and other bloggers' pages when I get time).
Interesting how WP bloggers struggle with Blogspot bloggers and vice-versa. I really struggle with many WP sites, especially when it comes to commenting.

Gayle said...

Martin - I'm using Feedly as my RSS reader following the withdrawal of Google Reader. You can use it as an App on your android gadget or via Firefox on your PC (maybe via other browsers too, but not Explorer, which is a pain as I'm stuck with Explorer at work).

(If you'd set it up before Reader was withdrawn it even imported your reading list automatically, but that's probably not a useful comment at this juncture!)

Gayle (off to sunny Scotland again (albeit briefly) tomorrow!)

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Gayle
I was going to try Feedly - just haven't got round to it - and I certainly haven't caught up with the other bloggers. But we now use Explorer at home, which seems the best browser for Windows 8, so maybe Feedly isn't the answer....