Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday 10th February 2008 - Diamond Lake and Rocky Mountain

High clouds delay Sue's sky dive attempt, so we head off in a dilemma as to whether to climb Roy's Peak (1578m) or Rocky Mountain (777m). The heading gives the answer. At the car park we spot a Ramblers Worldwide coach, so on our way up to Diamond Lake we meet English folk in various states of decrepidness. The lake is more of a teardrop shape, appropriate today as the rain starts to fall and Roy's Peak disappears in cloud. Good decision. It's a pleasant path (if these 'wheelchair accessible' Department of Conservation (DOC) paths can be so described) that leads up past wild mignonette or similar, where Bellbirds warble melodiously, up above the lake to a fine viewpoint, and on up a more tenuous (the DOC must have got tired) path to the rocky summit. This sported fine views of Lake Wanaka and beyond, despite the light rain.

The rain eased on descent, so we lunched on the viewing platform high above Diamond Lake, after chatting to a couple from Crieff. Some locals stroll past, commenting, "that's just like the platform that fell in last year" (its a 150m drop!). We shuffle uneasily.

Then on back down to the car and off for a coffee at the nearby motor museum for Sue, whilst I whizz round the random collection of old vehicles. Here is one of their star exhibits:

Quiz: Can you identify any of these?

Then, on to Puzzle World - a much more glossy attraction, with a difficult maze and a 'World of Illusions'.

Mirrors and other effects are similar to those encountered at various places in the UK, so we enjoy a coffee and adjourn for a stroll up Mount Iron, which stands a lofty 250m above Wanaka.
Fine views abound, but all too soon its time to descend, past what appear to be thyme trees, to the sanctuary of the supermarket as the rain starts again. So, our bacon and avocado salad (delicious with a bottle of Merlot, which followed a thirst-quenching honey-spiced ale) was sadly consumed indoors.

Night Bird: my blog entries are mostly dictated to Nallo Lady, who adds her own nuances. She added the bit about Wanaka at the end of my last posting... And as for Alex's Knob? Well! That'll really get you going!
Notchy: we hope you are memorising world and UK news to relate to us in due course. The 'Fiordland Focus' doesn't stretch much beyond its 'New Upgrade for Lion's Peak Toilets' headline!
WD: ditto re outdoors blogosphere - our internet time is limited to short bursts of updating the blog, so we are out of touch. Did notice your petition though - best of luck with that. We can't even download the TGOC newsletter, which is a bit frustrating!
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