Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 25 April 2008

Saturday 19 April 2008 - Reflections and Journeys

Today’s entry is really for the purpose of wrapping up my notes on our energetic trip to Torridon in fabulous weather.

The above map shows the locations of the cottage and the walks we enjoyed during the week.
I think it really demonstrates well that once you have arrived in Torridon, very little driving is needed - a wide variety of fabulous walks are literally on your doorstep.

The reports on the individual days can be accessed via the ‘Torridon08’ label on this blog. The entries were made each evening from the cottage (occasionally under duress!) and the photos were added later.

I’ve discovered that one of the disadvantages of the format of this blog is the inability to effectively publish (my albeit rather amateurish) panoramic images, other than as a header or footer, due to the narrow space available. I like the format apart from that, so don’t intend to change it. On this occasion I’ve published a separate web page which is a better medium for the wider images. It also summarises the trip and provides some statistics which may be of interest to those who came along.

Whilst Notchy, Dave, Pam and Paul enjoyed an uneventful 10 hour journey home, Sue and I had TGOC food stashes to drop off. We also had Heather’s stashes to take back home as we had discovered that her poorly metatarsal had suffered a setback, meaning that she is out of this year’s Challenge.

It proved a long but pleasurable journey, and we were very lucky to escape past a comatose petrol tanker that was lying on its side on the A82 near Fort Augustus, before the police and fire engines arrived to stem the river of fuel that we had to drive through, and no doubt also stem the flow of traffic and rescue the driver!

Further on, we enjoyed this classic view of Ben Nevis from the Memorial at Spean Bridge.

Most importantly, we arrived in Dundee in plenty of time to enjoy a lovely evening with Chris and Avril, and their daughter Sue and her children. Chris and Avril had been with me in Ullapool in 2006 (I think the report may still be outstanding!) and were very jealous of the good weather we had enjoyed in Torridon.

Thank you Chris and Avril for such a lovely evening to conclude this most pleasurable trip.

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