Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Saturday 31 May 2008 - Deepest Summer - Ravenglass to Eskdale

Distance - 15km
Ascent - 350 metres
Time - 4 hours 10 mins including 45 mins stops

Setting off from Ravenglass on our 90 mile stroll

'Oi' came the shout
'Come back'
Gary and I looked around.
Notchy lay spreadeagled in front of the two Sues, who started to administer first aid. His nose had taken the full force of the impact; a knee had incurred secondary damage.
He sat up.
'Bloody poles!' he exclaimed.
We soon managed to get him up and running again, as despite all the blood there wasn't too much damage. It seems he tripped on his walking poles and went flying, just a couple of hours into this week long backpack across the Lake District. His eyes will probably go black.

We'd risen to a deep blue sky and a perfectly calm summer's day.

The five of us, Sue 1 (Nallo Lady), Sue 2, Gary, Notchy and I had rendezvoused in Timperley and by lunch time we were sitting on a bench (pictured above) by the narrow gauge railway at Ravenglass.

A lovely calm spot where everyone was buying ice creams.

After sorting our gear we set off along a hot and sweaty track towards Muncaster Castle.
Past banks of red campion and jolly people with red faces we went.

Sweat dripped.

Passing some ancient Roman Baths we felt it a shame that they weren't operating today - they would have been most welcome.

Our thermometer recorded 25C.

We strolled up Fell Lane to the sound of bleating lambs, having already strayed from our planned 'Thin Blue Line'.

Buttercups and daisies lined the path

Then Notchy fell over.

Luckily, today's route was low level, short, and with no time pressures. Alan Sloman would have been proud of us!

It was a lovely day in the valley. Flitting swallows and martins provided evidence of midges, but the little blighters didn't really bother us.

View to the Ulpha Fells

We ambled on past Dalegarth Hall, with its huge round chimneys, then, after a short break, to St Catherine's Church, a fine edifice. The locals here are long lived, judging by the dates on the tombstones.

Dalegarth Hall

One of the many relaxation breaks enjoyed on this trip

Windows and exterior of St Catherine's Church

Sca Fell lurked high in the distance, whilst the afternoon sunlight danced over the Ulpha Fells much closer to hand, but our minds weren't inclined to stray to tomorrow's exertions on Sca Fell.

After following some shepherds training their dogs by moving sheep, and crossing a number of thin (and mainly unnecessary in today's dry weather) bridges, we came upon the track to Penny Hill Farm.

Sue2 left us here in favour of her B+B, whilst the rest of us carried on over Doctor Bridge, and past the Woolpack Inn to the splendid Youth Hostel.

Sue later rejoined us for what by YHA standards could be considered a good meal.
Then we all flaked out...

Here's today's route.

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Mark said...

Is St. Catherine's the church by the Esk with stepping stones nearby? We had fun getting the kids over the river there on a camping trip.

Phreerunner said...

Yes, we crossed the stepping stones. The river was very low. The photo didn't make the cut for the blog, and I now discover that I never did produce a slide show for that trip...