Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Monday 19 April 2010 - Markus's Caledonian Trail - Day 6 - Aberfeldy to Glen Sassunn

We are now (7.30pm) camped at about 550 metres at NN 652 540, as planned. We are on schedule. It's snowing. We can hear no aircraft.

We awoke this morning to snow at 200 metres and the generous offer of coffee from our 'Trail Daddy'. Markus had slept better than previously whilst I had impersonated a log.

The rain had ceased by the time we set off at 8.30 on a 10 km road walk to Keltneyburn. We missed a trick here. Or should that read 'track'? There's a new riverside path from Aberfeldy's fine Tay Bridge to Kenmore, which you can exit near Keltneyburn. We should have taken it.

Anyway, after finally leaving the road we enjoyed a brew then set off up easy slopes. Tracks took us up to 500 metres or so, after which it was a yomp over snow covered heather.

After lunch in a sheltered spot with views of Schiehallion between cool showers, we laboured on up to Meall Liath and Carn Mairg, at 1042 metres our high point of the day. Two people seen from afar had gone by the time we arrived via a steep bank of snow. We saw no other hillwalkers today.

Time was getting on, so we strolled along the ridge for a while with a keen NW wind in our faces and soft snow into which we both plunged from time to time.

There were both deer and mountain hares high on the hill, so perhaps spring isn't so far away?

By the time we'd descended from Meall a' Bharr, Markus's left leg - injured on a steep descent in Glen Almond - was troubling him, so he took a short cut down to Glen Sassunn in increasingly gloomy weather. Meanwhile, I plodded up the final hill of the day, Meal Garbh (968 metres), catching some final rays of sun that somehow managed to negotiate their way through the leaden clouds, before descending carefully past agitated Golden Plovers into the glen to join Markus here (pictured) just as he had finished assembling the rather flimsy looking Terra Nova Laser Competition tent that he'd bought a few days earlier in Blackford. It's very light - part of the reason that he's carrying 13kg compared to my 16kg. I have too much food.

Today's 28km and 1365 metres ascent (just a bit less for Markus) took 10.25 hours (half an hour less for M) - over an hour quicker than my estimate.

Snow continues to blast the tent as I try to arrange things in the dark to secure maximum insulation and comfort for the back I ricked packing up this morning.

And so, it's goodnight from Markus and me in Glen Sassunn.

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Alan Sloman said...

Martin: You really must be more careful with your walking partners. You keep breaking them.

Have a good day, you both.

Alarmingly, Word = "axinelfe"...

Phreerunner said...

There were no breakages, Alan, just a pain in his right (not left, does it matter?) leg. It's fine now, judging by the way he is speeding up the hills!
Markus is unbreakable...