Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Short Journey in the Peak District - Part 1

Just a taster tonight, as it has been a longish day.

Setting off from Graham's house in Marple worked well (Roman Lakes having refused to accommodate the car for a night) and by 9 am I had joined a local postman in admiring the canal in the morning light.

Then it was down past Roman Lakes to Strines, before heading up to join the Peak Forest Canal.

Swing bridges and the sweet aroma of the sweet factory graced the route to Furness Vale. Up and over then, to Whaley Bridge, before rising to Taxal, from where a steep path leads up the Goyt Valley.

The route to Derbyshire Bridge was closed, so I headed up the footpath directly to the Cat and Fiddle Inn, not bothering with Shining Tor on this occasion. ("Wimp")

Three Shire Heads proved a good venue for lunch (part 1). The extra calories were soon used in reaching Flash - a tedious walk on a path of soft sand strewn with small boulders, then a horrible descent to an alpaca farm and then an energetic hill to Flash.

Waylaid by a café that provided a welcome mug of tea. Then on along undulating lanes with fine views towards Chrome Hill and its mates (pictured) to Glutton Bridge, beyond which the duck pond at Earl Sterndale proved an excellent venue for lunch (part 2).

Over the top, with more fine views, before heading on to the busy High Peak trail at Sparklow.

Easy going, with refreshments at Parsley Hay, to Friden, then fun along Long Dale and Gratton Dale before a stiff ascent to Elton.

Another hill led to Upper Town, before a relaxing descent to Darley Bridge.

Tea and cake with Ken and Anne in Wensley. Thank you, it was great.

Over the top via a wayward bridleway to Bonsall, near Matlock.

Too late to get home from there today. Anyway, after washing off a bit of perspiration and enjoying food and wine in good company, it seemed foolish not to succumb to Hospitality and accept a bed as well.

Thank you, Sue and Phil, you are stars.

75 - 80 km today, with 2200 metres ascent.

Just as well I brought a bike...

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AlanR said...

I've never understood people who carry bikes whilst jogging!
Good job you had plenty of tea and cakes.

Phreerunner said...

Yes, Alan, when Sue saw me load the bike to accompany me on this 80 km jog, she did comment "You don't do 'easy' do you?"!
I have to admit to having consumed a Lot of Cake over the past couple of days...