Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Transalp: Schruns – Torbole

Mountain Biking in the Alps
A few days ago I was the privileged recipient of a short message under the above heading.  It continued as follows:



1. Etappe

Schruns – St. Antönien

Route: Schruns – Tschagguns – Tilisunaalpe – Grubenpass (2232 m) – Partnunsee – St. Antönien (Night: Gasthaus Alpenrösli)



2. Etappe

St. Antönien – Zernez

Route: St. Antönien – Küblis – Klosters – Laret – Davos – Sertig Dörfli – Sertigpass (2739 m) – Alpe Funtauna – Susauna – Brail – Zernez (Night: Hotel Bäer)



3. Etappe

Zernez – Lü

Route: Zernez – Susch – Ardez – Scuol – San Jon – Val S-charl – S-charl – Alp Astras – Passo da Costainas (2251 m) – Lü (Night: Gasthaus Hirschen)



4. Etappe

Lü – Arnoga

Route: Lü – Alp Champatsch – Pass dal Fuorn – Alp da Munt – Buffalora – Jufplaun – Lago Livigno – Passo di Fraele – Lago di San Giacomo – Trepalle – Bochetta Trelina – Arnoga (Night: Hotel Li Arnoga)



5. Etappe

Arnoga – Val Rezzalo

Route: Arnoga – Passo di Verva (2301 m) – Eita – Baite dei Rossi – Passo della Forcola (2208 m) – Sondalo – Le Prese – Fumaro – Baita Rezzalo (Night: Rifugio)



6. Etappe

Val Rezzalo – Ossana

Route: Val Rezzalo – Passo dell´Alpe – Passo Gavia (2618 m) – Pezzo – Case di Viso – Alta Via Camuna – Bochetta di Montozzo – Lago di Pian Palu – Pejo Terme – Ossana (Night: Hotel)



7. Etappe

Ossana – Val d´Algone

Route: Ossana – Malga Fazzon – Rifugio Copai – Rifugio Orsa Bruno – Madonna di Campiglio – Lago di Val d´Agola – Passo Bregn del Ors (1836 m) – Albergo Brenta (Night: Albergo)



8. Etappe

Val d´Algone – Torbole

Route: Albergo Brenta – Stenico – Ponte Arche – Vido Lomaso – Rifugio San Pietro – Tenno – Riva – Torbole (Night: Hotel Villa Franca)

This all looks rather exciting.  An Alpine journey….

No mileage or ascent/descent data has been provided.  Perhaps just as well, though a piece of string on my map of Europe doesn’t produce anything too terrifying.  (20 cm, actually; and I hope I don’t need to use it for navigation as most of the above place names are absent from it.) But whilst my map is a flat piece of paper, it does have some rather heavily shaded areas between the two points!

A call to a physio (carefully selected via Google) to discuss the recent damage to my knee provided the necessary comfort… “sounds like a torn cartilage, but you shouldn’t make it any worse; just try to ignore the pain – enjoy your trip.”

So a bag is being packed, batteries are being charged, and the next few entries on these pages will be from ‘on the road’ which I know many people prefer.

This will be quite an adventure.  I’ve not been on such a trip for over 30 years.  I’ve just failed in a search to illustrate this posting with an image from that trip, so instead there’s a picture of the transport I’ll be using this time (rather different to what I used 30+ years ago).  I’m hoping that the owner is staying at home on this occasion!

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AlanR said...

Wow. Should be wonderful. Sounds it anyway.
Hope you have a great time.
Look forward to your posts on the road.

Louise said...

An adventure indeed! Looking forward to your posts, should be good reading.
Have an excellent time!

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Alan, Louise, I certainly plan to have a good trip. Stay tuned!