Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Monday 14 January 2013

Wednesday 9 January 2013 – Calf Top from Barbon

Heather T-S looks across cloud filled Barbondale towards Gragareth

Heather and I contrived to choose the best day of the week to embark on a new route for me, a long planned circuit from Barbon taking in the horseshoe shaped ridge that leads for the best part of 10 km (6 miles) over Calf Top.

We set out from Barbon Church soon after 9.30 on a misty morning, with blue sky lurking enticingly above the skeletal wintry trees.

Barbon ChurchA tree in Barbon Park

Soon we rose into a land of frosty grass above the mist laden environs of Barbon.

Mist over Barbon

The 307 metre cairn on Eskholme Pike was a good vantage point (see header image), with Crag Hill and Gragareth just clearing the cloud that was rolling in from across Barbondale.

A little further on, the view ahead to Calf Top from Thorn Moor was sunny and clear.  It could be summer!

The view to Calf Top from Thorn Moor

A silent wind turbine punctured the mist below, with a backdrop of the Coniston Fells.

Obsolete technology

The cloud chased us over Castle Knott and on to the summit of Calf Top - 609 metres – which afforded good views towards the Howgill Fells.

Calf Top and the Howgill Fells

The Lake District was also seen, through a bit of a haze. It was frosty here, with the mist never far away.

Suddenly, on the descent, we found ourselves in cold mist, so we retraced a few steps into the sunshine for an early lunch, before descending to the Lune valley for an overcast afternoon's stroll back to Barbon.

Farm building near Middleton

It was pleasant enough, though, with good conversation, a long chat with a farmer near Middleton Hall, and easy paths intersected a couple of times by the dismantled Lune Valley Railway that linked Lowgill with Clapham for 107 years between 1860 and 1967.

Back at Barbon, the Inn was closed, so we went home…

The fleshpots of Barbon (closed)

Here’s our route - 22 km, 650 metres ascent, taking 6.5 hours.

Our route: 22 km, 650 metres ascent, taking 6.5 hours

An excellent day out in the best of company – thanks for joining me on this one Heather.  There’s a short slideshow here.


Heather T-S said...

Thank you Martin for a nicely planned walk. We were very lucky with the views we did have despite the persistent mist in the afternoon. It seems walks in the future may require me to bring a furry friend, when he's big enough?! Will chat to our Canon and see if he remembers the farmer we chatted to. Look forward to more walks, Heather.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Heather. I'm sure your Canon will remember that farmer! And I look forward to some happy days out with Rowan.