Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Monday, 6 April 2015

Monday 6 April 2015 - Out With The Peleton

Today I discovered what it's like to ride with the Peleton. 

The bike rides with Robert and Lyn are very gentle. Some would regard them as meanders. Many large groups of club cyclists whizz past us from time to time.

Today, battling after 60 km against a light headwind, I was passed by a group in yellow uniforms. They gave me very little space, cutting in front of me. So I tried to follow them. Suddenly, instead of battling the breeze, I found myself freewheeling in order to avoid a bump with the person ahead. I was quite oblivious of the team cars with flashing blue lights that were behind me, with Robert pedalling like fury behind them. They are the only team cars we have seen.

So the old man in the M&S tracksuit joined the Peleton for a while. From this day on he will view with admiration the efforts of those who either break away from the Peleton or find themselves having to catch up with it.

This morning we left the apartment in cool sunshine, soon passing lovely blossom and fine views to the nearby mountains. Lyn and I sauntered whilst Robert returned to base for her windproof jacket. Mallorca is very 'green' just now, the summer heat and dryness not yet having arrived. It's excellent cycling and walking weather.

There were lots of cycling groups out today. We got mixed into one of them before pausing at the Saint Miquel chapel, where cakes were being brought out in anticipation of a profitable day.

A side road past a busy rat got us to coffee in the sunshine at Moscari, before leisurely continuing our gently undulating route to Biniamar, and a jovial bar after 35 km for a huge lunch (pictured). We finished it all and were rewarded with a discount. The sun beat down. It was glorious weather today.

The afternoon was spent completing an 80 km circuit back to Port de Pollença. It took us seven and a half hours, of which four and a half were in the saddle, which I'm happy to report has not resulted in anything worse for me than a cricked neck.

After the Peleton incident at 60 km we entered the Nature Park where lots of birds can be admired, including rare crested coots and many other species. My banana - the only food I carry on such trips - was enjoyed at the top of an observation tower.

Back roads then delivered us back to 'poolside' (pictured), in my case after Ambrosio had been returned intact to Bruce at Pro-Cycles.

Our route today, for the record, was:

Port de Pollença >  Saint Miquel chapel > Campanet > Moscari (coffee - Bar es Poulton) > Binibona > Calmari > Mancor de la Vall > Biniamar (lunch) > Lloseta > Inca > Sapobla > Parc Naturel de S'Albufera > Port de Pollença 

More details will be posted when the records from my Garmin gadget and my Canon camera have been downloaded.


AlanR said...

That lunch looks wonderful. The 80k sounds painful. The pool awesome.

BrextonT said...

You joining the peleton will be one if the lasting memories of this trip. Your M&S black top made you stand out and and the flashing lights of the team car was a real bonous. I just wish I could have got past the two cars to join you. Pity I could not get a photo.

Phreerunner said...

Yes Robert, a shame you didn't get a photo, but an enduring memory for both of us...