Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday 5 April 2015 - A Bike Ride to Coll d'Honor (550 metres)

Whilst Sue had a mini adventure on Puig Caragoler (report to follow in due course), I joined Robert and Lyn for a bike ride from Biniali.

We set off at 10.30 on the following 57 km circuit:

Biniali > Santa Maria > Bunyola > Coll d'Honor > Orient > Alaro > Santa Maria > Biniali, taking minor roads wherever possible.

Jumpy the van found his usual spot by the roundabout outside Biniali, from where we cycled casually past vineyards and flower meadows towards Santa Maria. A busy spot with heavy traffic. 

After a 'Robert's Ramble' in search of the correct exit from town, Robert and Lyn headed off in a third random direction. Unfortunately the traffic intervened and I had no idea where they had gone. Luckily it was sunny in the central square where I'd last seen them. Just as well as they'd gone 5 km up the unsigned road to Bunyola before realising I was missing!.

After some text messages, 45 minutes, and a futile attempt on my part to purchase a map, my two companions rather sheepishly reappeared and I finally escaped from the bustle of Santa Maria. That was an extra 10 km for Robert and Lyn, and a free coffee for me. The story will no doubt amuse Marcus.

Unfortunately, having passed some Little Egrets and ensconced ourselves outside a café in Bunyola, we were put off by the smoke and our apparent invisibility (Robert is a 6ft 8in dwarf) and moved on to commence the 40 minute climb to today's objective, Coll d'Honor. Apparently we passed an excellent cake shop on the way out of town - Robert noticed it was open but overlooked broadcasting the fact.

Anyway, there were good views back down to the town, and across to the nearby mountains.

A Blackcap narrowly dodged my spokes during the 350 metre ascent to the Coll. Once there, Robert kindly took today's photo of me and Lyn, with Hewie and Ambrosio in attendance.

A short descent saw us outside the restaurant at Orient, where I washed down their pasta bolognese with some cold San Miguel whilst the others washed down a sandwich and some salad with some cold coffee. Oh dear! especially as it had clouded over and cooled down, with Robert even alleging 'rain'.

It's a fast descent to Alaro, even with dangerously skinny tyres and a buffeting wind. Good fun though, especially with the added comfort of a windproof top and some warm legs.

Alaro was full of people, who we saw more than once as Robert once again wrestled with the geography of a Mallorcan town.

Eventually we found our way out and rode slowly back to Biniali, via Santa Maria, much less busy on the overcast afternoon, passing lots of swooping Hoopoes on the way.

I recorded 57 km in 3 hours 20 minutes cycling time, 6 and a half hours altogether. The others rode at least an extra 10 km, bless 'em!


AlanR said...

I think you were just meandering Martin.

Phreerunner said...

Actually, yes, Alan...