Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tuesday 7 April 2015 - Sa Gubia (609 metres) and Pas de sa Fesa

Yesterday Sue went up Mola, a small hill near Cala de Sant Vicente. Her report on that and a small extension to the walk described in Paddy's guide book will follow.

Today we planned to walk up Es Teix and wander along Archduke Lluís Salvador's 19th century pathways. But the high peaks were in cloud, on a drafty day. So we chose Paddy Dillon's route number 37 instead. 

As it turned out, the original plan would have been fine, but the alternative was also a good choice, with excellent views from the summit, where I took today's pictures.

Coffee at our parking spot at Ca'n Penasso would have been a nice way to start, but the restaurant has had its day and needs pulling down.

Two types of spurge accompanied us up the gently graded switchback track past two sheep shelters, one with a deep well. There were more shelters near the summit.

Birds of prey circled above, one, a brightly coloured kite, coming low above our heads.

Three people followed us up the path, but it was a different German couple who appeared on the summit as we were finishing our lunch. A chaffinch lurked expectantly. Seagulls floated on the breeze - we could see the sea in several directions.

We descended back to the track at a col where there's a plaque erected in 1958 in memory of Leandro Ximenis, a well-known Mallorquín mountaineer.

The route down took us through a deep cleft, eventually reaching two sets of locked gates that we skillfully negotiated before completing our 13 km circuit past hedgerows laden with wild garlic.

In fact, we avoided a kilometre along a main road by diverting to the main square in Bunyola. Coffee and coke at Café Ca S'espardenyer was a good way to complete the outing, especially as nearby Café Tramuntana didn't seem to notice us.

A major navigational error on the way home didn't detract from the day. Robert and Lyn returned from a good ride to join us for afternoon tea by the pool, then we adjourned to 'Stay' in Port de Pollença for a meal to celebrate Lyn and Sue's recent birthdays.

Another fine Balearic day...

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