Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday 24 June 2016

A Lakeland Jaunt - Day 5 - Honister Hause to Buttermere

Date: Friday 24 June

Distance: 16.4 km (Cum: 91.7)

Ascent: 1203 metres (Cum: 5501)

Time taken: 8.3 hrs including breaks

Weather: showery morning, sunny afternoon

A mood of gloom and despondency descended on the twenty or so guests at Honister Hause YHA as news of the referendum result filtered through from someone's radio. Nobody had voted to exit (at the time of writing we still haven't found anyone embarrassed enough to confess having voted to leave Europe).

The warden, Tim, had been on holiday to Lindisfarne for a couple of days. Amy had put things away in strange places and there were eight unexpected guests, so breakfast was slightly chaotic. He reminded me of Ken, who he knows, and he also passed on his best wishes to Sue W at head office.

As we left at 9.20, the light rain stopped immediately and we made our way gently up to the summit of Haystacks. All the summits were visited, then we ambled down to Scarth Gap.

As we ascended Seat, we could see D of E children with bright red pack covers, wriggling up Haystacks.

19 men and women with spades were descending from High Stile. Volunteers from Fix the Fells, clearing drainage channels on Gamlin End.

Approaching High Stile from Red Pike, an Indian (or similar) group on a 24 in 48 challenge. That's 24 summits in 48 hours. High Stile was their second summit, gained after lunch on day 1. They may struggle!

Lots of Bell Heather on the way down to Scale Beck.

Bog asphodel, cotton grass, orchids and pied wagtails on the stroll into Buttermere on a lovely afternoon. We paused at Syke Farm for half an hour, enjoying tea, cake and ice cream in the sun with other walkers.

The hostel was full of 'Swim the Lakes' participants and their Range Rovers. Jeanette washed her bleeding feet and the rest of us also enjoyed hot showers before heading back down to the Fish Inn for our evening meal. Excellent. 

But gutted by Brexit.

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Anonymous said...

Well the EU did many good things but in my opinion had become like most political parties, complacent and a bit of a cart horse that needed putting down. I look at the state of our country and feel it's time for a change. To many reasons to debate here but I for one voted out. I'm happy that I did and don't regret it at all. We now need a determined and strong government to take us through the leave process.
There are more markets out there who will be so glad to be able to deal with us without all the restrictions.
Here in Greece where there are lots of nationalities and folk from around the UK, we have not heard anyone say they voted in. Greek people are over the moon we voted out.
So Scotland now don't want to be part of the U.K. But want to be governed by the EU. I don't call that independence. But democracy is a great system and thankfully we live with it for better or worse. AlanR.

Phreerunner said...

We can agree to differ then Alan. This isn't a political blog so there will be no further mention of us exiting the EU. The newspapers are presumably covering the inevitable fallout.