Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Granada 2019 - A few more photos from Granada

Here are a few more photos from our recent holiday in Granada, given that I was only able to post three at a time when we were there.
If you wish to go straight to the Canillas de Albaida part of the trip, click here.
The above picture was taken at the Nazares Palace in the Alhambra. 
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After the bus ride from Malaga, we settled in to Room 101, then went for a wander around the centre of Granada. The hotel was just a few metres from the Cathedral, pictured above (closed).
The Santa Ana church apparently sports some fine Mudejar art
The Cordova Palace was built in the 1960s after an older building had been pulled down in 1919
From our afternoon stroll, we gained frequent views towards the Alhambra
No washerwomen were out today...
Here's another façade of an ancient church, rebuilt in C19
The Ziri style 'gate' dates from C11
Opposite the gate is this more modern building

Sunday 10 November 2019 - The Carthusian Monastery in Granada

Another overcast day found us wandering through the University campus, empty apart from Iberian Magpies and a Hoopoe, to the delights of the Carthusian Monastery.
The Cloister
The refectory, with Cotan's painting of The Last Supper
The Church
The Sanctuary houses several magnificent statues.
These pictures are from the Church and the Sacristy
St Bruno
After leaving the Monastery we strolled around the Murcia belvedere, admiring the views over the city. Shame the sun wasn't shining.
Here's the view up the valley to the north, as we entered the Albaicin/Sacromonte areas.
In Sacromonte, houses are built into the rock. One enterprising owner lets passers-by in for a viewing for a small fee.
Across the city, the Alhambra.
A decorated house
On the way back to town, we passed two adjacent houses built in the style of a Nasrid Palace. They have now been combined and are the head office of the School for Arabic Studies. A very pleasant place, free to enter.
Later, Granada at night.

Monday 11 November 2019 - The Alhambra, Granada

Today, 'Alhambra Day' was disappointingly cool and overcast. We made the best of it, despite many of the attractions being closed to visitors. Unlike UK 'stately homes' where volunteers facilitate visits by tourists, here that is not the case, nor are the rooms furnished as they would have been when occupied in the 'period' of their use.
A cool wind from the snow clad Sierra Nevada was to blame for the weather.
The gardens were in good spirits, with many gardeners trimming the hedges.
The Palace of Carlos V
One of many ornate 'gates'
Views from the highest point - the Torre  de la Vela
After a warming coffee, we moved through pleasant gardens, the Jardines de San Francisco, to the adjacent Generalife site.
Ornate paving in the Jardines Bajos
Pictures from the Generalife recreational buildings and palace
There's an interesting 'waterway' here, and the whole site has a complex arrangement for irrigation.
Finally, we looked around the Palacios Nazaries - our timed ticket was for 3.30 - it was a long day.
Here's a view from the Palace
As we left the site and passed the Tower of Justice, the sun made a brief appearance...
Later, a photo of our hotel concludes this little selection. Many more pictures were taken - of ornate ceilings etc - they should eventually appear in a photobook.

Flowers from the Generalife gardens - a final link.

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