Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 18 December 2020

Friday 18 December 2020 - Alderley Edge revisited

In fairly dreary weather, six of us (me, Sue, Graeme, Paul, Jeanette and Jenny) and Rufus the dog assembled at the National Trust car park by the Wizard cafe to enjoy a modest stroll in the environs of Alderley Edge.

I've written about this area many times before - there are already 18 postings with the 'Alderley Edge' label, so I don't propose to labour further in this entry.

The dull day made for difficulty in getting any decent pictures, but here are what I did manage to take. Click on any of them for a better image/slideshow.

Above, our socially distanced group on the corner of Bradford Lane and Hocker Lane.

Below, Rufus led the way along Hocker Lane.

A brook by Hocker Lane

We ventured briefly into Alderley Park, where Jeanette used to go running at lunch times when she worked for AstraZeneca. There are various ornamental ponds, etc, as well as Radnor Mere and some well used paths and a host of picnic tables, some of which are under cover. We enjoyed coffee and cake here, whilst it tried to rain.

We got back to Hocker Lane and headed towards Clinton Hill, where the next two pictures were taken.

On reaching the B5087, a busy road, we were presented with a home made sign discouraging use of the public footpath past Adders Moss Farm. Not wishing to upset the residents, albeit the use of the path would be harmless and legal, we took an alternative route along the road and then past Mount Farm, where no objection was made, though we had to negotiate slurry and a muck spreader.

We made it without mishap, apart from a short 'Martin's meander', to the environs of Alderley Edge, with Rufus doing the navigating after I'd been sacked for going the wrong way.

Back at the friendly cafe, we enjoyed takeaway coffees (thanks, Paul), and a line up of the reconstituted 'Three Musketeers' was captured on film.

Luckily, the picnic tables have been fitted with substantial covers to keep clients dry. This is the way of the current world - takeaway fare consumed outdoors under cover.

Here's today's route - rather less than 10 km, taking us two and a half hours.

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