Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Summer in the Alps - 2005 - Tuesday 30 August - Rifugio La Varella to Rifugio Lagazuoi

Tuesday 30 August - Rifugio La Varella to Rifugio Lagazuoi (by Jenny, on her first backpacking trip in mountains)
AV1 Backpack - Day 3 

We left the lovely Rifugio La Varella at 8:50, after some emergency engineering on one of Sue's walking poles. Another sunny day as we set off across the valley from the refuge and walked up a track among trees towards the jeep track. 

Looking back towards Rifugio Varella gave a chocolate box view of the refuge, cows wearing bells, mountains and a blue, blue sky. Perfect.

We carried on along the jeep track to a valley, at the far end of which we had a brew stop (and a loo stop behind some rocks, however Jenny was too late as just as she was about to take her turn all the world and his dog appeared around the bend, presumably heading for lunch at Rifugio Varella or at nearby Rif Fanes).

Anyway we set off towards the conspicuous notch (greatly admired by Andrew) of Forcella del Lago (2486 metres).

An 'early arrival' view from our lunch spot at Forcella del Lago

We had a canned fish lunch at the Forcella, and swapped taking photos with the four Dutch ladies we often meet along the way. Richard also nearly killed Andrew with a large boulder. Then we picked up a switchback track, very well maintained, down to the Lago di Lagazuoi, taking the left-hand path around and above the lake. Rested at the end of this impressive path. (Jenny finally managed a loo stop here.)

Looking down from near the 'notch' to Lago di Lagazuoi

Then we set off up the 'punishing' path (Jenny's description) to Rifugio Lagazuoi. Saw an edelweiss en route, and it was very happy to greet us! 

Martin's suggestion that we might need to bag beds as soon as possible if we all want to have beds together seemed to spur us on to the top (we've become quite clingy over these few days). 

At the top we checked in (beds together) and then retired to the sunny terrace for well deserved cokes. Sat in the sun for some time enjoying the stunning view, A large bird flew over us - sort of goose / stork* like, as well as lots of chuffs (spelling??) 

Then off for our €3 showers - which were well worth it, relaxation and beer in the increasingly chilly (but still with stunning views) terrace.

Spectacular sunset. 

Here's our route - 12 km with 960 metres ascent
(Click on any image for a better version)

(By Andrew)
Andrew's diary entry - 'chuffs' is spelt 'choughs'. (This is my one and only contribution to this journal.) 

(By Sue)
Good meal with a lovely sunset - risotto with a spinach spaetzle, pork with beans and chips, and ice cream. Another game of Uno, including Jenny, who won!
[Plus a drawing of a German with a felt hat and 'a knack for the ladies'.] 

* A white stork

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