Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Thursday, 22 April 2021

28 to 31 December 1979 - A Trip to Wasdale

This posting arises from the scanning of my '1980' Kodachrome slides, which curiously start at the end of 1979 with a 'New Year' visit to Wasdale.

This trip took place shortly before the diaries that are now up to Volume 102 were inaugurated, so I'm in no better position than my erstwhile companions as regards recollections from the trip, other than my brief annotation to each slide.

Anyway, I hope this brings back memories for Dave and for Ian, and even from beyond Daffyd's grave.

It looks as if we headed up Pillar on 28 December, snapping the view down Ennerdale (above) on the way up, and celebrating arrival at the summit a little later.

The next picture indicates the view to Wasdale, and Burnmoor Tarn, from the path down to Black Sail Pass.

Then we admired the view towards Skiddaw, with Fleetwith Pike in the foreground.

29 December reveals only one slide worth scanning. Several readers may identify this as Styhead Tarn, looking towards Borrowdale. We continued to Esk Hause, but I can't remember much more than that. I presume we returned to Wasdale via Great End and Scafell Pike.

The first image from 30 December, shows Ian, about to leave the campsite at Wasdale Head - the field outside the Inn that was always crammed full of tents at New Year.

It appears that we, led by Dave, took the direct path up Kirk Fell.

Looking back to Wasdale, Daffyd lumbered into view.

After climbing both Kirk Fell and Great Gable, we descended, with this view towards Styhead Tarn and Seathwaite Fell.

The view across to Scafell Pike, Piers Gill, and Lingmell, was clearly a struggle for Kodachrome.

However, a little later the camera had a fair crack at recording the sunset view from our campsite to Great Gable.

Next day, 31 December, we probably woke with hangovers, and returned to Manchester to spend New Year with loved ones.

Pictures of Skiddaw and Castlerigg Fell, not worth replicating here, indicate that we returned home via Keswick.

I wish I still had that pullover knitted by my mother, and some of the wool shirts she made for me. I'll have to buy her some wool, and a magnifying glass!


bowlandclimber said...

Apart from your mum's pullover there is a vintage North Cape fleece, can't quite make out the red one.

Phreerunner said...

Yes, BC, Dave and Ian are both sporting state of the art fleeces, and the last photo shows my 'Hot' (Earth, perhaps) day sack. I still have a Hot Route sack that I use for winter day walks and for hutting.

The same kit will no doubt feature on future postings, as I plough my way through the old slides...

Happy Days!

wuxing said...

I must have joined this trip another year. I remember horizontal rain on the way up Scafell, a muddy campsite, big hangover and Dafydd brewing porridge on his Primus in the telephone box.

Phreerunner said...

It's scary, Nick. In that picture I'm actually 6 years younger than my son Mike, who I saw earlier, is now. Not that he looks much older than I do in the picture.

I remember some phone box incidents, sometimes involving Martin Whittle?

Maybe I'll find some more NYE pictures, pre diary, in due course - I'm sure we did spend at least one NYE in that pub, whereas in 1979/80 I must have returned home to spend it with Nell.