Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 30 April 2021

Friday 30 April 2021 - Around Longridge

Bowland Climber (BC) has written on several occasions about his walks around Longridge - see here - so I thought I might take a day off planning my own route and ask BC to join us on a walk around his home town. So he kindly did that, and a lovely walk it was as well, in the fine company of Graeme, Cary, Alastair, and of course Sue.

It turned to be nearly 17 km, a shade over ten miles, with less than 200 metres ascent. Taken at a leisurely pace, it took rather longer than five hours.

There's a good selection of fine stiles around Longridge - fortunately not all of them have been replaced with the all pervasive metal kissing gates.

However, we soon passed a particularly dreadful manifestation. I'm not sure about this - Health and Safety gone berserk, perhaps?

Then we passed this sight. I don't like magpies, but this treatment seems a bit extreme.

Next to the birds, a Renault for AlanR, who sadly couldn't join us today due to the 'Rule of Six'.

However, the walking was very pleasant, in dry weather and no wetness apart from a bit of damp grass.

We passed numerous gates that provide access to the line of water pipes from Lake District reservoirs to Manchester. I wrote about the Heaton Park to Wheelton section of the Thirlmere pipe here.

There are some impressive structures on the course of the pipelines.

Manchester's coat of arms features strongly, and our host was keen to point out various aspects of these plaques - the Manchester bee, a clipper, the pipelines, and a chain, the reason for which I can't remember. A separate posting is needed!

We passed through the yard of a factory that manufactures joists, floors and other house parts - duly marked up with the relevant building sites and plot numbers. Great to see something being manufactured in the UK. (I am still miffed about buying some socks yesterday and finding they had come all the way from China!)

Lunch was taken in a graveyard. The seats were comfy, and allowed for social distancing. Local fauna included hares and oyster catchers.

BC recalled 'Ginio' Ferrari - a local restauranteur who drove around in a Jaguar, registration number GF1, apparently purchased from George Formby's family.

We were curious about two lambs, trapped in a weighing machine (naughty corner?) with their mum looking on.

After a while, the well named town of Longridge came back into view, and BC prepared us for the climb back onto the ridge behind the town.

En route, a pretty bluebell wood and a footbridge in the dell.

Eventually we found ourselves looking back down to Spade Mill Reservoirs. Far to the left, Pendle Hill cut a distinctive line on the horizon.

Back at the start of the walk, Sue and Alastair both had futile attempts to climb an overhanging crag.

BC (a climber) explained how the BMC had managed to purchase the strip of land with the crag, from the errant property developer whose planned holiday homes morphed into over twice as many family houses.

Some climbers arrived with their mats (for when they fall off - they just bounce on the mat - apparently).

Then we went home, after thanking BC for his excellent company and route finding skills.

[Hey ho - that was done in a bit of a hurry as we go on holiday tomorrow - for the first time for many, many moons! I wonder whether I can remember how to do mobile postings?]

BC has also written an excellent piece about his encounter with 'The Cheshire Set' - see here.


Sir Hugh said...

Those gates are really ugly. What's wrong with a bent nail and hook with rusted patina from generations of the hands of passers-by? As for the magpies - the perpetrators should be tracked down and put to the same fate. What harm do magpies do? Glad to hear you were well shepherded by BC.

Phreerunner said...

Yes Conrad, we were very well shepherded.

Maureen said...

I hate to see birds hanging up like that I know they can steal eggs from nests like the crows
I was disgusted with the crow in our garden the other day when he dumped a bird turn to bits in my bird bath along with tiny blue eggs and also white ones
I was feeding him and he became very tame Now I don’t feed him but he still comes with his food to put in the bird bath Yesterday it was Kentucky fried chicken
Then I saw him later with a mouse in his beak coming again so chased him off
I see nature in the raw in the garden

AlanR said...

Thanks Martin, The Renault is a Ceres 75. have a good holiday.

Phreerunner said...

I wondered whether to upload the magpie picture. I think we have to accept 'nature rent in tooth and claw', but I'm dismayed by humans who display the same characteristics. Hopefully evolution will put paid to such barbarism.