Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 22 July 2022

Sunday 17 July 2022 - Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Greetings from Shelsley Walsh again. This time with lots of pictures from a hot and sweaty day. Click on any picture to access a slideshow (web version only, perhaps).

There's a full set of photos on Dropbox - here.

Sue and I arrived, together with Sue's mum and dad in their MGB roadster, in time for a cooked breakfast outside the restaurant.

There was a collection of BRMs on view.

Morning = practice. Afternoon = competition. These Healey sports cars were practicing. Number 200 had starting problems; I don't think we saw it again.

More BRMs.

Some enthusiasts arrive by taxi.

The local farmer gets free entry with his 70 year old Fergie.

Others attend in a rather dishevelled way!

This Bugatti is for sale - a snip at £24,000.

The Talbot Alpine is labelled with a full history.

My English teacher had an Alvis similar to this one, and he used to take us out to the Malvern Hills in it.

Sue and I marched up and down the hill a few times. Here we are looking back down to the bottom of the hill.

Today's 'Classic' day was for vehicles ranging from single seaters glued together with gaffer tape, to modern sports cars like the Mazda MX5.

A view from the 'top field'

There was a Spitfire/Hurricane fly past.

The very wide BRM tootled up and down the hill, taking great care not to over extend itself.


Anonymous said...

Some fine looking cars there.

Sir Hugh said...

What a good day out. I reckon Fastest Time of Day is less important than a great opportunity for just showing off these splendid cars.

Phreerunner said...

Agreed, Conrad. Sadly there were no Ford Anglias from the 1960s...