Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Wednesday 22 March 2023 - Abbotsbury, West Bexington and Chesil Beach

Today eight of us found our way to the car park in Abbotsbury for a 14km walk, starting along the South Dorset Ridgeway path, and descending to West Bexington before returning along the Chesil Beach coastal path.

We rose steeply after leaving the village.

We hoped the fog would clear, but after reaching the point at which we joined the Ridgeway path on Saturday, we were still engulfed as we stopped for elevenses and then continued beyond the trig point. Skylarks sang happily (I assume they are happy!) above, and a flock of sheep were rattled by a combination of Anita's dog and a passing horse.

Dave, Betty, Gaynor and Anita took the path down from Tulk's Hill. The rest of us - me, Sue, David and Sue - continued on to descend into West Bexington before turning left into the deep expanse of shingle that is Chesil Beach.

We soon caught up with everyone except Andrew, who was somewhere nearby. We actually glanced a view of his back at a turn in the coast path that we but not he were following. 

Colin had sneered at the prospect of a coastal walk and had gone home to Exeter to play raquet ball!

Sue ventured up to St Catherine's Chapel whilst the rest of us hastened back to tea shop or cars before our paid for time (£1 per hour down here these days) ran out.

Then it was back to Middle Farm for some R&R and to jot down these notes before wrestling with the 'OBJ ' icon problem and our Internet connection, which seemed to have gone down.

Sue and I are eating tonight in the Three Horseshoes pub in Burton Bradstock, near Bridport. I'll report on that tomorrow.

Here's today's 14km route. (Well, for the moment it may just be a picture taken just below today's trig point, as some posting is better than no posting and I should be able to edit/add more photos when back at home next week...)

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Sir Hugh said...

It's not much fun walking on Chesil Beach despite the pleasant ambience and scenery. Hard going I remember.