Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Wednesday 17 January 2024

A Wintry Walk to Dunham Massey

Sue and I enjoyed a 'Blue Sky' morning by way of a walk to Dunham Massey and back. We've done this many times. My last visit was in the dark on a Christmas run (see here), quite a contrast to today's stroll.

I'll comment only by way of captions. Readers can click on any picture (in web version) for a better version or a slideshow.
The canal was frozen in Timperley. The ice was just strong enough to hold a Canada Goose,
but when they sat on the ice they soon plunged into an icy dip as they warmed the ice

The towpath beyond the former Bay Malton pub is generally muddy at this time of year, 
but not today, thanks to the hard frost

All this sunny weather has faded the Swan's pub sign!

The River Bollin is crossed here, by way of a narrow footbridge

The old mill was converted into luxury apartments many years ago

The weir, pictured from the bridge, is another sign of historic power generation for the mill

Just beyond the bridge, a restricted byway, thankfully firmly frozen, 
leads to the grounds of Dunham Massey

The old mill next to the hall has been in use for over 400 years

The blackamoor sundial that graced this spot in front of the hall for many years has become a subject for controversy

November 2010

We enjoyed a brief whizz around the Winter Garden.

Himalayan Birch

Daphne odora

Witch Hazel


There are many snowdrops sprouting, but the Winter Garden is only really just starting to get going. We've visited it many times before, as recorded here, and expect to see more in coming weeks

From Dunham Massey, it's a pleasant walk to the golf course and thence to Altrincham

We passed St Margaret's Church, where Sue rings the bells

Our plan to get a tram home was foiled by problems with the points, so we walked, 
passing a minor road closure that is predicted to last for ten months!

Beyond the Navigation Recreation Ground, Timperley Brook used to flow under a mass of vegetation dominated by Himalayan Balsam. A team of volunteers (I assume) spent many happy hours in the autumn, clearing the land around the brook most effectively. That didn't take ten months!

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