Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday 2 July 2024

Tuesday 2 July 2024 - Alp Muntatsch

Today the weather was superb, so it was good to enjoy a higher level route. We were on another section of the Via Engiadina long distance route, this time above Celerina and Samedan in the Alp Muntatsch area.

We started with a 30 minute bus ride to Celerina Cresta Palace, then a gondola ride up to the Marguns Top Station at 2278 metres.

Then a gradual ascent took us all the way to Marguinin, a sort of col with signposts.

Looking back to the gondola station

The mountain views and banks of alpine flowers were simply wonderful. 

There was just one patch of late snow to cross.

After Margunin, there were fine views down to the Bever valley. 

Sue was delayed by multiple flower identification issues, but she eventually caught up.

Alp Muntatsch (2185 metres) was reached down a lovely path. Here we enjoyed cappuccinos and apfelstrudel. Delicious. 

The view from our table 

Then a delightful,  leisurely,  descent took us all the way back, past Cristolais, to Celerina and the #6 bus home.

Sue spotted a patch of Fire Lilies as she marched through the final field.

The bus took 15 minutes longer than this morning's #2 route, but our hotel was bathed in sunshine when we reached it at 4:30.

The 13km route with 400 metres ascent took us around 5.5 hours, including a multitude of flower identification stops.

And here are a few of those flowers. As always, the nomenclature may not be entirely accurate, and click on any image for a slideshow.

Ciliate Rock Jasmine


Slender-leaved Marsh Orchid

Alpine Toadflax

King of the Alps

Great Yellow Gentian

Fire Lily

Later. We enjoyed a very civilised evening with the other Collett's guests.  We are now up to 14 in number.

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