Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday 4 June 2009 - The Dales Way

I've not walked the Dales Way before, though I've covered most of it in day walks. I didn't walk it all this time, but it's fair to say this trip has covered most of the route.

It is a fine excursion - low level but very scenic, passing through some of the best of English countryside.

You may think I rushed it. I didn't. I've just taken advantage of, and enjoyed, some of those long summer days that seem to pass all too quickly.

I commend the Dales Way, but you should plan it according to your own preferences. For example, the Racehorses Hotel in Kettlewell doesn't serve breakfast until 9am. Not much use for me, but perhaps ideal for some.

Today, roughly chronologically:

Dew - midges - sock washing - noisy crows and oyster catchers at camp - overcast - not a breath of wind - peewits, gulls - curlews huffing and chuffing - 150 year old lime kiln with resident ferret - breakfast number 2 - Shop on the Green at Burnsall (resisted temptation) - delicious looking mushrooms - peaty coloured river - chatty fly fisherman (he hooked one, it got away 'six today, all about 2 pounds, they all go back' he said) - dipper - ornamental bridges in the Bolton Estate - Strid Wood (SSSI - rare plants + fungi, and Sessile Oaks) - wild garlic - 'The Bodger's Workshop' - the Strid Restaurant (if only I'd known!) - Bolton Abbey - wearing Crocs, I brave the stepping stones (fun) - mallard families - weirs - converted mills - leave Dales Way - join Millennium Way - Swastika Stone (in the wrong place?) - Dog Walkers of Ilkley - White Wells - quiet - camp - noisy sheep - the Fit Workers of Ilkley - joggers - mountain bikers - nice meal - chuffing magpies - spots of rain - hot chocolate - all quiet....


John J said...

Well you've certainly covered that part of the Dales Way faster than I did! I agree with your comments though, it really is a lovely route through beautiful countryside - I'm glad you're enjoying it!


Phreerunner said...

Thanks John, I did enjoy it, though you can see from this posting that I had run out of the necessary energy to do more than a brief summary of the day!