Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Friday, 12 November 2010

Tuesday 9 November 2010 - An Important Announcement and an Expectant Grandad

Simon and Kate
Here they are on 24 July 2009.

Since then, Simon and Kate have been busy. 

A sproglet is due to arrive on 17 May 2011.


I’ll have to hurry back from Montrose on 27 May after the TGO Challenge.  I won’t be needed before then.  Given that Kate’s mum and I both re-married some time ago, the little blighter darling will have three sets of attentive Grandparents.

That could be confusing.

Apart from some minor dietary quirks, Kate’s condition doesn’t seem to have caused her any inconvenience so far.  Long may that continue.

So there’s a fair chance that during next year this blog will wander off into ‘Mark Alvarez territory’.  Mark’s is still a walking blog, but these days it is also a fanzine for ‘Sweet B’.  I’ll enjoy re-reading it, Mark, you’ll be an ideal role model!


Louise said...

How exciting! Congratulations.

Mark Alvarez said...

Oh, great news, Martin! Congratulations and best wishes to all.

Sweet B is my main focus these days, but someday soon: walking with B!

So someday not too many years ahead, we'll meet from different directions on some summit, chasing after a pair of fit little tigers.

May you experience much happy "blog drift."