Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Martin in Gatineau Park - 2018

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The TGO Challenge 2012

Poor Michael struggles to find a way down to Glen Feshie on 20 May 2011
It’s that time of year again.  Doesn’t it come around quickly?

Tomorrow (well, later today actually, but after a sleep), Sue and I embark on a journey to Ardrishaig, at the southern end of the Crinan Canal, for a 250 mile ‘pilgrimage’ across Scotland, starting on Friday 11 May and finishing at Nigg Bay, Aberdeen, on Thursday 24 May.

We are hoping for sunshine like that in the above picture taken on ‘The Challenge’ on 20 May last year.  In this picture ‘Poor Michael’ is bathed in sunshine as he battles against gale force winds in a bid to free himself from the clutches of Carn Dearg Mor and descend to the relative calm of Glen Feshie.  An icy squall was about to hit us.  So, we’d like some of that sunshine, but perhaps not so much of the wind and rain, though it IS supposed to be a Challenge, and last year’s weather really wasn’t all that bad.

I’ll be trying to post diary entries as we make progress, but I won’t be putting up daily route maps.  Instead, they are all on this web page, together with a sort of kit list and some statistics.  I’ll link daily to that page, and you can click on the Day Number to go straight to the relevant map (should you so wish).

Before setting off to deposit our transport in Montrose (JJ has ordered a taxi to Timperley on 25 May – transport has to be in position) we’d like to wish all other Challengers a happy and safe crossing, or – if they aren’t doing it this year, an enjoyable vicarious experience (as for all other readers).  We look forward to bumping into a few old friends, and making some new ones, and Sue will of course be trying hard to cement her reputation as ‘The Shortbread Lady’.

Let the journey begin (subject to one unhappy matter that will be obvious from the next posting).


Louise said...

Should catch up with you at Braemar, have a great crossing! (Oh, and I'll have a bit of that sunshine please!)

Martin Rye said...

All the best Martin with the crossing.