Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thursday 21 February 2008 - A Perfect Day Around Picton and the Queen Charlotte Walkway

Oh Joy
Today I was back in my Comfort Zone on my own two crumbling pegs.
Talking was possible instead of the hand signals of the past 3 days; I could tell the time and make jottings; photos could be taken without the risk of drowning the camera; my feet were no longer encased in a layer of sand; and I could adjust my position to relieve tired muscles!

It was a lovely clear hot (30C) sunny day. All day. After spending a relaxing morning around Picton, where today's fab cakes came from the shop which came 4th in the national cake competition, we drove 40km along the scenic 'Queen Charlotte Drive' and then down the Kenepuru Road to Te Mahia Saddle. On the way we stopped for a scenic lunch above this bay.

Here began our taste of the Queen Charlotte Walkway, a 55km walk down a long peninsula. We went about 3km up to a magnificent viewpoint at a 417 metre summit.

So good that we spent nearly an hour at the picnic bench, taking photos and chatting, in particular to a delightful Israeli couple.

Down at Mistletoe Bay we passed an idyllic campsite and Sue went swimming amongst mussels and minnows.

Then a 4km loop walk took us to the end of a small peninsula with wonderful views. Sue was put off swimming here when she looked down at the hordes of jellyfish. There were also huge starfish on the rocks just below the surface.

A repeat of the scenic drive brought us back to Tombstone Backpackers in Picton for an excellent home 'cooked' salad in this superb accommodation (lots of superlatives today!), washed down with Sauvignon Blanc from the Framingham Winery we passed a few days ago in Renwick.

A Perfect Day...


Nightbird said...

Oh stop would you! Enough enough. After a spell of lovely spring weather in the UK we are now back to cold dankness. Sigh! And, it's 10.00, I'm at work, and the network has crashed so I can't carry on with what I was doing. Thought I'd read your blog instead but am feeling even less cheery now. Sigh! Sigh! Time for a cup of tea I think. Can I jump on the next flight and join you? :-)

Nightbird said...

... actually I have enjoyed reading your blog today, just being a grumpy old woman! It all looks fab - and I really would like to fly out and join you ... along with Birthday Boy of course! xx

Anonymous said...

You're doing an excellent job of bringing back some fabulous memories. Keep it coming and hi from a slightly duller Devon,
The Sullivans

Phreerunner said...

Hello Nightbird - you are most welcome to join us! Bring your boots for a 3-day walk through some volcanoes and a torch for the caves!

Sullivans - Glad to cheer up a dull Devon and your views on our trip planning are being taken into account! Thanks for the hint about not staying overnight at Pancake Rocks - good advice.