Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday 17th February 2008 - The coastal route to Motueka

Finally, the sun re-emerges, although there were a few showers during our drive north to Nelson. Here, we tested the local coffee, then visited the austere, grey cathedral, which was surprisingly full of colourful stained glass inside.

Nelson has a reputation for blue sky and sunshine, and it didn't disappoint. We also strolled around the Queen's Gardens before continuing along the north coast, headed for the gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park in Motueka.

The afternoon was spent looking at a gallery displaying the results of glass manufacture by a Swedish couple - amazing work, but not cheap! Then, on to Rabbit Island, where we enjoyed a walk along a huge beach, accompanied by lots of locals enjoying the sunny weather at the weekend, and black oystercatchers, getting their feet wet in the surf.

Then, a bit more culture, in the form of the art and sculpture of the Bronte Gallery - again, rather expensive, but also this time, not to our taste. However, we enjoyed a long chat with the 'artist in residence' and bought a pot of organic manuka honey!

Tea was provided by the Shed One Cafe at Mapua wharf, where kids were throwing themselves off the jetty into the blue water and ice creams were being consumed in the sun.

It was then only a stones throw to Motueka, where we have a nice room in a Victorian house, complete with stone fireplace.

Dinner in the garden, in our shorts, with a cold beer - most welcome. The cat enjoyed our smoked fish as much as we did!

Tomorrow, we leave early to go sea kayaking north of here in the Abel Tasman park. We return on Wednesday evening then have a drive to Picton for the night. So, you may not hear from us for a few days. Bye for now.... At least the forecast is good this time and the azure sea and white beaches beckon!


Nightbird said...

I'm catching up with your blog entries this week after a busy time at work last week kept me away.
Sandflies seem to be featuring a bit on your trip - hope you aren't suffering as I did in OZ when my sandfly bites turned my ankles into the size of an elephant!
The last few posts make it all look particulary inviting - especially as you are finding time for good food and wine. The stained glass windows look wonderful.
As for Alex Knob - what can I say?! Glad you managed to conquer it :-)
Look forward to hearing about the sea kayaking trip. Love Nightbird

Nallo Lady said...

Honestly, the sandflies aren't a problem. Although they itch like mad and come up in a significant bump for 2-3 days, we haven't had your problem of huge ankles! Not as bad as the midges in Scotland.

Hope work gets a bit less busy - I must say, I'm not missing it in the slightest - this is much more fun! Maybe you should try it!!!

Must go now, the sun is out and we have to go strolling in the bush with the odd sea view in the Sounds...