Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday 18 July 2014

Friday 18 July 2014 - Summer Holiday - Day 22 - A Walk from Haus Valentin

For our last day with Collett's at Haus Valentin we hid the car and Sue left with Susan and Roy to do the classic Tridentina Via Ferrata.

They had a great day out. 

Meanwhile, I took the chairlift to La Crusc together with Mike, Gary and Jenny, and Mick and Gayle. .
It was a lovely ride, and great to arrive at the top café just as the sun appeared from behind the Fanes to warm the outside seating.

Andrew, Mike, Karen and Alan appeared from differing directions and set off towards the north. 

A couple of cappuccinos later the rest of us set off down path 15 on the start of our journey to San Cassiano. It was a lovely day with fabulous views and just a few fluffy clouds. 

Sass de Putia, yesterday's summit, was shining in the near distance (pictured - top), and there were fine views to the Marmolada and Piz Boe summits, the former of which was reached by Ken today.

Satiated with the views, we (I) missed path 12A, so we headed instead up path 12 to do a loop that took in the missed path. Albeit that involved an unexpected 300 metre ascent. 

After elevenses then lunch, both with fine panoramic views, we continued down paths 15 and 15A, to reach the valley to the east of San Cassiano, from where we strolled down to La Villa on the route taken last Sunday. 

The sun continued to beat down as we passed some lurid sculptures and interrupted a slow worm's sunbathing schedule. 

Our 21 km stroll with 500 metres ascent concluded with the riverside walk from La Villa to Badia (aka Pedraces), where the Tridentina team plus Bob and Margaret joined Mike and me at Ricky's excellent shop for celebratory cake and ice cream at 4.30. Meanwhile Jenny was admiring her pedometer's total of 36000 steps for the day - her best tally all week. 

Then it was back to Haus Valentin for a lovely evening with our entire team of nineteen, and miscellaneous other folk.

The two lower photos were taken during the course of the evening, which concluded with some reluctant goodbyes as many of the team need to leave early for home in the morning.

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Phreerunner said...

Sass de Putia is the right hand mountain in the upper photo, and the lower images are of the Fanes.

Also, I omitted to thank my 18 friends for coming along on this trip and for making itmmemorable in all the right senses.

The AV1 six should also be proud of their achievements - you are all stars. Well done!

Humphrey said...

What a great trip! Thoroughly enjoyed the reading. Some twenty ears ago I'd regularly visit Brixen/Bressonone (a delightful town) on business - alas I was never able to get in more than a couple of day walks in the region. My dealings were with Kurt Plaickner, who became a good friend - one of a large family, with brothers and sisters who numbered priests, mountain guides, police and military to name a few. What a wonderful region - your account has brought it all back, and I'm already planning a trip for next year. Now, simply have to get my Italian and German into better shape! Best to Sue and yrself as ever.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Humphrey, it is indeed a lovely area, as is Valmalenco, from where I am now commenting. Here there are fewer tourists and everyone seems happy and friendly.