Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 11 October 2019

Friday 11 October 2019 - A Walk to Dunham Massey

A routine Friday morning stroll, and the first outing for some Scarpa Delta GTX boots bought nearly two years ago before Josie, at Alpenstock, retired. Their predecessors, an identical pair bought three years ago, have managed nearly 2500 kilometres so far without significant leakage, but are now rather worn, so the new ones need to be broken in, to avoid uncomfortable ankle rubs, before my next backpacking trip.
You may notice from the above picture taken on Timperley Bridge that it was raining at 10 am this morning. JJ had cried off, but Paul S appeared from the Metro station, so surprisingly I was not alone for the walk to Dunham along the Bridgewater Canal towpath.
Building on the Linotype site in Broadheath continues apace. The next two pictures are just for the record. Paul was wondering how congested the traffic using the one road out of the estate onto the main A56 road would be when the buildings are finished and occupied.
As we approached Dunham we spotted a brown insurgence into the cleaner canal water. An overflowing stream through muddy farmland?
The River Bollin, viewed from the canal aqueduct, looked pretty brown, though not all that full.
Leaving the canal at the Swan with Two Nicks, we re-crossed the Bollin below a weir that was fast flowing, but hardly 'in spate'.
Meanwhile, Paul B had failed to intercept us at Dunham Town, so he had to run down the towpath to catch us up. Here he is, splodging his way over the meadows to Dunham Massey.
Within the park there is a project aimed at children. Find the Lost Words.
Such as ...

The avenue of trees by the Smithy Pool is showing distinctive signs of autumn, which season seems suddenly upon us despite the continuing warm days.
The Lavender Tea Rooms served welcome coffee and cake. They were surprisingly busy.
A stroll through the golf course followed, before we headed off to our respective homes, the Pauls both being within easy reach of an early lunch.
For me, a pleasant 11 km stroll in good company, followed later by a trip to a nice Greek restaurant, then Moscow.
Well, the Moscow Philharmonic at the Bridgewater Hall... (no photos I'm afraid - they aren't allowed).

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