Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 31 July 2020

31 July 2020 - Hanging Stone and Lud's Church

This is a familiar walk, referred to on these pages numerous times, with a history of the places we pass, notably Lud's Church, if you scroll down this link.
I was joined by Paul S and Graeme, on what turned out to be a perfect day. You might surmise that from the colour of the sky. I'll just go through a few photos in this posting - you may prefer to click on an image and scroll through the slideshow.
We strolled up to Hanging Stone via the erratic in the field below Hangingstone Farm.
There are fine views back past Wincle.
It's a steep but short pull up to Hanging Stone.
There are good views over the Cheshire/Staffordshire countryside.

The panorama to the north encompasses the distinct summit of Shutlingsloe.
We enjoyed elevenses above High Forest.
Approaching Roach End, we admired the view across to the Roaches, that we didn't visit today.
Mr Whippy served us from his usual position at Roach End. Sadly the 'Mr Whippy' who served folk here for many years died recently (you can see some of the wreaths behind the van), so it's a new chap at the window.
From Roach End, a good path leads to and through Back Forest, where the trees were dappled with sunlight today.
Lud's Church was, like most of today's paths, quite busy, but we managed to keep a good distance from people at all times, being conscious that the 'release' of Lockdown went into reverse gear overnight for those of us who live in Greater Manchester.
A stop in an idyllic spot beside the River Dane was followed by the delightful walk beside the river all the way back to Danebridge.
You can hardly see that this is the site of a landslide pictured in other reports on this walking route.
The Covid virus will have put paid, for the time being, to any letting out of this beautifully restored house.
As we neared the eponymous bridge, we encountered a few family groups picnicking and playing in the river.
This tree is just about clinging on to the side of the path, near the bridge.
The brewery, pictured below, was doing a good trade, and we relished a cold beer or three in the sunshine before heading off home.
Thanks for your company, Graeme and Paul. We won't get much better conditions for this walk, which today displayed the English countryside at its very best. A beautiful route.
Allow four hours for the 11 km route - it's pictured in this link. We didn't go over the Roaches today - that makes it more of a full day's walk.
Later: here are three more pictures from Graeme, featuring ice creams and a most welcome socially distanced beer outside the wonderful Danebridge Brewery.


Sir Hugh said...

Memories of hard but happy days climbing on the Roaches. I presume you knew about the ice cream van in advance? If you do know it is then a nail-biter wondering if he will be there as you get nearer.

Phreerunner said...

The van is usually there at Roach End on a hot summer's day like this one. I was surprised that so many cyclists went past without stopping!