Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Friday, 29 May 2020

'Dufton and Some Pubs' - 12 to 14 October 1984

Here's another 'draught from the past'. A wet weekend in the Yorkshire Dales. Just for the record...
… and I appreciate the pictures are pretty crappy.
Dufton and Some Pubs 
Friday (JM)

JM got a lift to Cow Green and set off at 18:00, reached Maize Beck Ford at 19:50, and first tree down off High Cup Nick at 21:40. Camp at Dufton, dry out in Stag Inn (arrive 10:30, leave11:00). 

Saturday (JM)

Martin picked Dave up at 8:20.
Dave very sleepy. Meet JM at Dufton fountain at 10:15. Park car at Hilton, on the edge of the Warcop training area, and we heard some small arms fire and mortars. This means that the track up to Swarth Beck is OUT.
Set off at 10:50 for a field-wise wander (very gentle compared to last night).
John wasn't known for his photography. I don't even remember him having a camera!
Photo stop for a large pig.

Got lost in a wood (lots of toadstools). Arrived at Brampton where there is a pub, the New Inn. Bar meals (soft ain't we?), but Dave made it hard, by confusing the staff in having soup after the main course. The rest of us had a dessert course, and then we all had complicated coffee.

Via footpaths to Keld, then along a green lane to Long Marton. On the way, the distinctive whistle of a steam locomotive is heard: we all retrace our steps to see a steam train, very pretty blue, and streamlined (Sir Nigel Gresley). The carriages are British Rail Mk 2, and the buffet is a Pullman.

Eventually arrive at Long Marton, then via a footpath to Birks Head and so to Dufton.

Pitch tent at about 17:00. Leisurely meal and then to the Stag Innat 19:00.

Weather report: cloud is about 1500', so the tops can't be seen; light showers from time to time where we are. 

Sunday (DS)
Good night's kip had by all. Not bothered by noisy Yorkshiremen until morning (except Martin who claims they woke him up last night). Slow breakfast and we get away.
Martin attempts to sabotage the day's walk and proposes a namby pamby wimps' day out at the Bowes Museum, which according to John has pictures (according to Mike Brown) - also has armour, textiles, weapons, and a swan.

Decided however to go uphill, which was covered in mist. Looked at the military notice and red flag at the start of the route. According to this, anything that is airborne is an aircraft!! Ignored the notice (couldn't understand it) and set off up a slope to High Cup Nick. Hot and sweaty. Passed farmhouse selling coffee, but decided not to stop.

Coats on when we got to mist. At the top, took a bearing to travel south and thus avoid the 'Range Impact Area'. Eventually found a stream down and found it was heading to Murton and not to Harbour Flatt as anticipated.

Saw car in distance and so headed towards it through a military 'Shelled Area'. Precarious crossing of a stream via an iron bar that wobbled.
At the car, a playful cat provided amusement and photos.

Into Appleby for tea and chips and beans or peas. (No plates of chips only served for except for kids.)

Quite bright and sunny now. It was probably a good day down here. Unusual and no doubt useless sundial in the 'square'.

After food, went for a walk around Appleby. Very pleasant - took an hour. Left John at 4:15; he is getting a bus back home. M&D back to motorway via Tebay.
(JM) The bus arrived on time. It was very dark on Stainmore, but nice on the east side. A wet tea in Darlington while waiting for bus and so homewards.
Our route is shown above on a map slotted into the original album. (Click on the image to get a readable version.) Fast forward 34 years, and I was there again, this walk being undertaken (more or less) as a day walk from Dufton Youth Hostel. The report is here.


wuxing said...

I'm pretty sure JM had a Rollei 35 - the size and shape match - and the pose reminds me that he did take photos from time to time, though I don't remember seeing any. Coincidentally I noticed them on sale yesterday on a website here - still many versions available, mostly the more upmarket models €300 and up.

Phreerunner said...

You may well be correct, Nick. I had a Rollei 35 (B I think) that was sitting on a chest of drawers with the lens jammed out until relatively recently, when I gave it to Ken McNair, who has a small collection of miniature cameras.

I got rid of all my old film cameras on ebay for rather modest amounts. All I have now are my Lumix FT4 waterproof camera, and my Lumix TZ90, both excellent little cameras, plus the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S9, and my 'lens jammed' Canon Powershot G16 that needs to be either ebayed or mended.

I'm surprised at that Rollei price. Those cameras weren't reliable - there was a guy in Salford who made a living out of mending them.

Dave said...

Remember the train and the blue jumper but little else
I also had a Rollei and had the same problems as everyone else
A pity as for the time they were very small and had a good lens

Anonymous said...

If interested in Sir Nigel Gresley, check the wikipedia page. He's buried in Netherseal near Burton on Trent...

Phreerunner said...

Thanks, Anon, will do...