Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Lockdown in Timperley (continued)

Nothing exciting today, I'm afraid. I've moved on to digitising some old family holiday pictures and diaries, which I'm sharing with the family via Dropbox, as they really will (I think) be too boring for other readers. The family are loving them, so that exercise will continue.
Meanwhile I'm continuing to digitise some old backpacking and other trips, which I am putting onto these pages. It's interesting to look back at the gear etc from the 1980s, when we took turns to make diary entries and everyone had their own style. If you've bothered to read these you may have noticed some 'in jokes'. Don't worry if some of these puzzle you, they may be just as much of a mystery to the authors. The picture quality of these entries is modest, to say the least, as I'm simply taking photographs of photographs. It's just too big a job to dig out all the negatives (unsorted in a big box) and scan them. However, when I come to trips recorded on slide film, I will try to scan the slides.
All this will continue long after Lockdown and will never be fully completed, but what I am doing is opening at least a small window on the past.
Meanwhile our garden is flourishing, with the azaleas doing well just now, as well as the clematis which is just out of shot to the left in the next picture, near the tomato plants kindly donated by JJ that are growing taller every day.
We popped round to say hello to Owen (parkrunner) in his care home the other day. We hope he didn't eat all the cake at once! On the way home we noticed a new arrival from Scandinavia (well, the registration would indicate that it came to the UK some time ago!). They stopped making the PV544 in 1965, so perhaps this motor can be forgiven for showing its age!


Sir Hugh said...

I'm still here having a look and plodding on. Are you not doing any local walks from home? I have walked every day since Lockdown - now up to day fifty something. There was one day when I didn't walk but if I can excuse that I am heading to beat my previous nonstop days of wslking at 77 on my LEJOG.

Phreerunner said...

I've been running or cycling every day since Lockdown, Conrad. The towpath is too narrow for social distancing, so it's just suburban roads. Just one walk - the other day, to see Owen at his care home. One way or another, I have got to 10,000 steps every day since 16 March, which is probably a record - helped by the grandchildren getting Fitbits and constantly challenging me and Sue!

I've got quite used to sitting in the garden, watching the birds, drinking coffee, eating cake, etc.

Reminiscing old trips with family and with good mates has provided some excellent vicarious exercise, as well.