Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday, 11 April 2021

April comes to a South Manchester Weekend

Saturday morning, and Sue is caught on her early morning run in frosty conditions in De Quincey Park.

Then at 9:30 we cycled along to Wythenshawe Park for a chat with a few other parkrunners. Only the brave (or foolhardy) made it through the blizzard of wet April snow. Jeanette turned back and wimped home; Rufus was looking decidedly miserable; Laura was still on a high after completing the purchase of her new home in Northenden; Paul was on Cloud Nine (one less woman in the house? - just joking!); Jenny and Owen had a pretty umbrella, and the Likely Lads had frozen knees.

The children's playground, a hive of activity last week, was deserted.

That was yesterday. We were glad to get home, turn the heating on, jump in a hot bath, and venture out only to feed the birds who seem to have come to rely on us - currently blackbirds, dunnocks, wood pigeons, feral pigeons, assorted tits, robins, goldfinches and house sparrows. We'd planned to visit Andrew in Lower Withington, but he had to make do with a 'Zoom'.

Today we woke to fresh snow and blue skies, so before taking food supplies to Dot in Eccleshall, Sue and I enjoyed a stroll down the towpath towards Altrincham. Here's the view from the towpath alongside Timperley Brook.

We made up a 5 km route that qualified for (not)parkrun status, including a walk through De Quincey Park, which as so often provided fodder for the camera.

We are still getting straight at home after the new carpets / decorating, etc, a little progress having been made this weekend. 

Doesn't time fly, even under Lockdown!

PS First ducklings seen on the canal on 13 April.

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