Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Sunday 14 June 2015

Friday 12 June 2015 – Hale and Knutsford, A Walk with JJ


This was a stroll at the behest of JJ, at short notice, taking advantage of the last of our summery weather for a few days.

JJ called for me around 7.30 and we were on our way from Bankhall Lane in Hale by 8 o’clock. A broad path led to a footbridge over the M60 motorway.


Various brooks drain into the River Bollin. This is Mobberley Brook, crossed twice today.


Whilst JJ disappeared with a shovel, I tried to use the Canon G16’s macro facility, failing spectacularly apart from this image of a bramble flower.


I now have some instructions from Sue, so hopefully the next outing will yield better results.

Spring has matured into summer, as indicated by the uniform green of trees such as these lining the northern driveway leading to Tatton Hall. The screeching swifts that live under our eaves, and the lonesome lady mandarin on the nearby canal are also a sure sign of summer.


DoE Award camp? We didn’t find it!


A convenient bench allowed JJ to show off his latest award.


There was lots of cake. It all got eaten.


We continued our stroll along the eastern bank of Tatton Mere.


Here’s the team, on a lovely morning.


The Canada Geese have enjoyed their usual breeding successes.


We entered Knutsford by the back door and knocked up the first house we came to. The residents were munching their muesli whilst wiping the sleep from their eyes, but mugs of coffee were produced and JJ and I were treated like family for half an hour.

Thanks, Linda and Brian, for your unexpected (you, me but not JJ) hospitality.

We returned by a more easterly route through fields of buttercups, a riding school, and crops through which the farmers hadn’t really left much space for a footpath.


Mobberley Brook was again crossed by a rickety footbridge.


Field paths led us past the impressive building of Arden House. I tried to find out who owns it, but could only discover that in recent years the six bedroomed mansion has been offered for rent at about £5000 per month.


We were back in time for a welcome pint at the Moss Trooper before returning home for our lunches and other duties.

Here’s our four and a half hour route - 19 km with 190 metres ascent.


A splendid morning. Thanks, JJ.


Sir Hugh said...

19km in a morning. That's what was taking me all day on my Macmillan Way over the last three weeks. Age, navigation and some dreadful terrain all contributed to slowness, but mainly age.

Phreerunner said...

It was an early start and a flat route Conrad. You'd have kept up easily. We would have fed you cake (which I forgot to bring onto the midnight bus last night - a shame...)