Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019

Sue and Martin in Mallorca 2019
On the Archduke's Path in Mallorca

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Lechtal Alps Backpack - Day 4 - A Circuit from Hanauer Hutte

Tuesday 15 July 1980 - diarist: Colin - Hanauer Hutte circuit 

As the rain patters on the 'Force Ten' flysheet, five exhausted hikers sit and steam. The beef Madras has been swiftly consumed and we wait for the teewasser to boil. So what is the cause of this exhaustion? 

Well, today started with Martin streaking between the tents to transport the breakfast. The rain eased and we set off on our predetermined route at 8:15. The first hour was enlivened by sightings of a marmot and a chamois.

We climbed to Gufelseesjoch, and seeing the inviting summit of Kogelsee Sp. 1000 feet above, we popped up to bag our second Alp.

Dave on the summit of Kogelsee Spitze

We continued our circular route via the Gufelhutte, and Gufelgrasjoch, to the Steinseehutte. This could not be described as a ridge walk, in fact we went up and down more times than Joan Collins' zip.

Nick, looking back at the range

Rock formations from Route 621

Ruaridh, on Route 621
Approaching a massive cornice at Gufelgras-Joch

At Route 601/626 junction

The view NW from Steinseehutte

On our return from the Steinseehutte we attempted to ascend the Dremel Sp. After about 400 feet there was a minority of one in favour of continuing, so I came back with the rest.

Route 601 towards Hanauer Hutte

On Dremel-Spitze, and (below), as far as we got

All in all a tiring but very satisfying day - if the weather would improve the views would be superb... 

... Meanwhile, up at the Hutte, despite all attempts to encourage me to do otherwise, this will definitely be a short concise entry.... Still, other memories / events of the day... 

  • Martin and Dave's method of descent, which is unable to distinguish between snow and grass;
  • Dave's method of ascent with the ice axe on the downhill side - if he slips he uses his hand to balance and flails the ice axe in the air - this causes the person behind to wish he had his brown corduroys on;
  • Ruaridh cuts the best steps - try and follow him;
  • ICI colleagues up at the hut. 

That's all folks!!

                          Today's route - 14 km with 1450 metres ascent

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